Busy Editing Fetish Clips

Busy Editing Fetish Clips

Today I’ve been editing fetish clips. I’ve got a ton of raw footage shot since August and so much to do. They say it takes an hour to edit one minute of video. I’m not sure it takes me that long, but I do know that it is time consuming. Most of my day has gone into a couple of clips.

Since I’m sure you don’t want to hear me talk about editing, how about I share some screen captures from upcoming clips:

above: Goddess Valora from two fetish clips coming soon to TinyChaste.com
Below, a pic of Ayla Aysel from today’s edit session.

Don’t forget we are updating the Clips4Sale site everyday this month. Keep checking back!


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Chastity Blowjobs

Chastity Blowjobs

I love chastity blowjobs. Most males enjoy receiving a blowjob and I’m definitely in that category. But when locked in chastity I’ll take whatever I can get.
When I first started 24/7 lockdowns, cumming in chastity was common. I was so turned on being with women while locked up, that it took very little. The first few times we shot clips, I would cum almost as soon as they touched my cage.
My premature issue was a problem and Nadia decided it needed immediate correction.
The ladies began a series of teases to help me hold out longer. Plus the order not to cum in my chastity cage came down from on high. Punishments were not pleasant.
So I started trying everything I could think of not to cum while locked in chastity. Baseball, my grandmother naked, you name it and I likely thought it.
And my control improved. I wasn’t cumming from the gentle teasing I received. That is when the ladies decided to up my game.
I got tested for STDs so we could shoot some blowjob sessions. Testing is standard in the porn industry ever since the HIV scare years ago. Now you get standardized testing to insure you and any partners are safe. I wrote about this in an earlier article.
Once the results came in, we began.
I was thinking, “Oh boy! I’m going to get blowjobs!” What I didn’t realize was they would all be in my chastity cage. The chastity blowjobs were to help make sure I could actually control myself.
I honestly can’t tell you how many women have given me chastity blowjobs over the past three years. Some have done it more than once.
I can tell you, of the chastity blowjobs I have had, four stand out in my mind. The first was with Nadia White. (See feature image above.) Fitting because she is my main keyholder. Nadia is an incredible woman and seeing her take the steel cage in her mouth made me desire her even more. God that was frustrating and hard as hell not to lose control.
The next was with Hope Harper. I was in love with Hope. She was a pixie Goddess, cute and sexy as hell. I miss her so much, but she moved on with her life and I can only wish her the best.
Tied for third are the gorgeous Anastasia Rose (left) and the sexy dynamo Maria Jade. (top right)  In writing this, I can’t help but think back to the first time they took my chastity cage into their warm, wet mouths.
If you haven’t experienced the incredible frustration of getting blown in your chastity cage, bring it up with your keyholder. Perhaps they will someday give you the gift of a chastity blowjob.
Ayla Aysel – Fetish Porn Princess

Ayla Aysel – Fetish Porn Princess

I survived the visit of Goddess Kristyna Dark. We had a great time, none of it caught on camera. Now I am ready to visit with Ayla Aysel, a fetish porn princess if ever there was.

Ayla Aysel When I look at Ayla, I immediately think of an Imp. The impish smile, the way her hair sometimes hangs back behind her ears. She is like a cute pixie dropped to earth to torment me.

So on Black Friday, when adventurous shoppers brave the stores, I will be braving Goddess Ayla. As store-goers fight over the latest gadgets at reduced rates, I will be fighting to hold back my orgasm for fear of retribution.

This will be the fourth or fifth time I have had sessions with Goddess Ayla. Sometimes my Goddesses will show their bodies to stimulate me. Goddess Ayla informed me on our first meeting never to expect nudity on her part. I am beneath her and not worthy to see her glorious body.

That is true. And she doesn’t need to use her female form to excite me. That smile, her voice and her look do just fine.

She enjoys tormenting me, edging me, denying me and leaving me frustrated.

We’ve shot a lot of great clips together. One that always stands out in my mind is One Finger.

One Finger Cock Tease with Ayla Aysel

During this session, Goddess Ayla removed me from my chastity cage and used one finger to masturbate me. The longer it took me to cum, the longer I would be locked in chastity.

Ayla Aysel SmilesWhen she proposed the idea, I thought I could easily cum upon her touch. I should know better. She dragged it out, knowing without the proper pressure I would never cum.

I always fall for this trick. My penis so seldom gets direct stimulation* that I crave any opportunity to get some. And Goddess sounded so sincere when she offered the opportunity. I thought she wanted to see how fast I would cum. But that wasn’t the case.

* – I realize some of you are thinking – he gets out of chastity a lot! Most of those are now shot in series, meaning for a day or two I get lots of stimulation. That only serves to make me more frustrated during the extended times of none.

Chastity Tease by Ayla Aysel

So take a moment to check out Ayla Aysel clips in our studio. And know that as you watch them, I will be under her control. Which means more hot clips featuring her will be coming soon.

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