Locked Cock Teasing

Locked Cock Teasing

Locked cock teasing provides the sweet agony of frustration for this chastity sub. And my chastity keyholders know how to tease a locked cock.

locked cock teasing picturesIn my case, most of my keyholders are fetish or porn stars. They know a lot about turning on a man. And they use every ounce of this knowledge to keep my locked cock leaking.

It has been said that our brains are the biggest sexual organ. When a woman knows what turns on a man, she can use that to her advantage.

A few simple words can have a teasing effect on my caged penis. I remember a few that really got me buldging in my chastity.

Like the evening Anastasia Rose was teasing my cock cage and talking about her boy toy.

cock cage teaseHe wasn’t a boyfriend, she has one of those. But she also has a couple of “boy toys” she uses for sex on occasion. She was telling me how hard they fuck her and how their big penis makes her cream.

She wasn’t just saying that to tease me. I had met her “toy” when she arrived. He came carrying her suitcase, they kissed and he went off for a drink while she was teasing my locked cock.

I had asked if that was her boyfriend. She set me straight. He’s just a guy she fucks.

So here she was, stroking and at times, licking my caged penis, while talking about fucking some guy she plays with on occasion.

God that made me so horny. And I knew I wasn’t scheduled to get any relief that evening.

cbt blowjob locked cock kali's teeth braceletAnother time she mind fucked me into a raging mess was after we recorded the clip: The Most Painful Freakin’ Blowjob Ever Recorded.

In that clip, Anastasia gave me a blowjob while locked in a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet. I was dying, because before our shoot I had a Viagra. Usually the spikes reduce my erection, but during this clip, I just kept getting harder and harder which caused intense pain.

Once locked in my chastity cage again, she told me how much that clip turned her on. This sweet goddess loved seeing me in intense pain. She was wet, and even opened her pussy to show me exactly how excited she was.

We recorded her repeating that for the camera, but the second time didn’t come close to the original statement.

I knew her boy toy was going to have fun that night.

I’ve had locked cock teasing by vibrators, feathers, air blown across my dick, spit drooled onto my caged cock, fleshlights, chastity blowjobs, caged handjobs, caged titty fucks and even fucked women while locked in chastity.

There is nothing quite as agonizing to endure as the sweet pleasure of denial.


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Femdom Handjobs

Femdom Handjobs

Femdom handjobs aren’t always pleasant. They differ depending on the domme.

Some dommes are sensual and give you a wonderful release before resuming a dominant role. 

Others make it fast and painful, wanting you to spurt your filth quickly.

Femdom handjobs can encompass edging, denial, C.B.T. , forced or coerced orgasms and post orgasm torture. 

Today I want to share a handjob I will never forget. 

I was sore after Goddess Freya had been pulling on my chastity chain and spanked me over her lap. Frankly, I was a bit afraid. Like I mentioned in the last article, she had been really nice when I met her. When the camera came on she was like a different person. Later I realized they were one and the same. Her idea of fun was pretty intense.

Goddess Freya decided I had been pretty good during the first part of our session, so she wanted to reward me.

I was placed on all fours on a table and she began to tease my locked up dick using her hands covered with pink fuzzy gloves. She also used some other instruments of frustration on my cage. 

It was a pretty intense tease and denial session. She even removed my chastity cage so she could tease my dick without any interference. 

At the end of an 15+ minute tease session, she wanted me to put my chastity cage back on. I was rock hard and couldn’t deflate. It didn’t help that she continued to vibrate my balls. The more I tried to force my cock back in the tiny cage, the harder it became. To say Goddess Freya wasn’t happy would be an understatement. (Even though it was a no-win situation.)

She pulled me to the bedroom and had me set up the cameras quickly. Even after a few minutes, my dick was still beet red and hard as could be.

Goddess sat on my chest and proceeded to give me her version of the femdom handjob.

femdom handjobs

I had been teased, denied, drained and teased again for the past couple of days. There was no way I could possibly cum again, or so I thought. Goddess wouldn’t give up. She yanked, pulled and tugged on my cock until it was on fire. Finally she got her way, forcing my dick to spurt in a painful eruption that felt like my balls were being forced through my penis. After cumming, there was some post cum tickle torture too, which made the sensations that much more intense.

We released the entire scene as a 29 minute clip titled: Come Out To Play

For tease & denial fans, we released the 18 minute tease on the table as: I Can Be Nice.

For femdom handjobs fans, we released the forced orgasm & post cum torture clip as: Handjob Of Doom.

Although it is several years old, this is still in my opinion one of the hottest clips we ever shot. And the fact Goddess Von Doom retired, it is a chance to see a true domme in action and regret the fact you never had a chance to serve.

Femdom Freya Von Doom

Femdom Freya Von Doom

Once again the posts have published out of order. Following the post about my pillow humping shoot with Phoenix and Melanie, Femdom Freya Von Doom should have followed.

Goddess Freya was a young and very small woman. It was hard to believe she was a femdom when I greeted her at the door. She quickly put that idea to rest by showing me exactly who was the boss.

Goddess Von Doom was a sadist. I say was because not long after our shoot, she left the business. That is a true loss. She was not only the most intense woman I have ever shot with, but one of the nicest.

So back to her sadist side. As a femdom, Goddess Freya loved to inflict pain and discomfort on her slaves. She enjoyed their pain and it seemed to get her off.

Anyone who follows me knows I am a pain wimp. Most of my keyholders love to inflict pain just to see my reaction. They don’t get strong reactions from their pain-sluts. So I end up on the harsh side of things, even when the ladies think they are holding back. To me, it is almost intolerable.

Although my threshold is growing …..

femdom freya von doom inspects chastity slave

The first thing Goddess Freya did was inspect her new property. She wasn’t impressed at all. 

Goddess pulled on my chastity chain nearly yanking my balls off to see my reactions. Then tossed me about as she positioned me and finally yanked me up on the table for a closer look at my inadequacy.  I couldn’t believe how easily this tiny lady handled my much heavier frame. She was definitely all muscle.

Because I was so small, she yanked me to the other side of the living room where I was draped across her lap for a spanking. 

The entire time my chain was pulling on my balls and I was totally at her mercy. To that point, her spanking was one of the hardest I had and it showed in the redness of my butt.

This entire meeting was released in the clip: Meet Miss Doom.

Although the clip only lasted 15 minutes, we decided to break the second half of the clip into a spanking video for those who just enjoy spanking without all the chastity play. That clip is titled: Mad As Hell, because Femdom Von Doom was upset that I had a small dick for her to play with.

If you haven’t seen the Meet Miss Doom clip, I can highly recommend it. Even though I hate pain, I was looking forward to shooting with her again. Of course, the second full clip we created was the reason for that. 

And that clip, I will talk about in the next post.

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