Training for no erections isn’t easy. Since I went through puberty I’ve had trouble controlling my little monster. Flash forward to now and I still have trouble.

Sometimes it feels like he is broken from all the time spent locked in a chastity cage. Other times he is raring to go at full mast if a Goddess will set him free.

I have been given Viagra to achieve an erection with no intention of being used.

One of my worst nightmares was The Most Freaking Painful Blowjob Ever Recorded. I was put in the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet after a Viagra and Goddess Anastasia gave me a blowjob. Usually the spikes press into my dick causing it to deflate. Not so when you take a Viagra ahead of time.

She later said she got so wet watching the pain on my face. And she was always my nice, sweet Goddess!

Back to the No Erections Zone:

Today we released Pesky Boners on Clips4Sale. (Don’t worry, it will release soon on both ManyVids and I Want Clips if they are your clipstores of choice.)

Goddess Dacey Harlot is as hot as they come. She is so damn sexy and confident. And she has decided that I am no longer allowed to have an erection.

No Erections by order of Dacey Harlot

In this clip I am again placed in the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet. Dacey intended to teach me to associate boners with pain. I don’t need to get erect. After all, the only thing my dick will be used for is to pee.

(And for the Goddesses to torture.)

I happen to be a slow learner though. Even though I start limp with the spikes barely touching my shaft, it gets much worse. Goddess Dacey places her perfect feet in my face and rubs them over my mask. Then they stray lower, offering me a quick footjob, or at least, as much as a small dick locked in the bracelet can have.

I’ve always been a fan of handjob clips. I sometimes think I like handjobs more than fucking. (If you can call a two pump finish fucking, which you can’t.)

Goddess knows how much I crave the feel of her hands on me. She started playing with my penis and it erected fast. Of course, the spikes caused pain. And that is what she wanted. Boners mean pain. I have to learn that.

My fear is it will take a lot of time. But I know that Goddess is serious about this. After recording this clip she made me stay in the bracelet for a few hours.

I have a love/hate relationship with that device. And I believe it will teach me to have no erections.

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