Most of my key holders are wonderful ladies that I would do anything to please.

A couple of my key holders are sadists. They love to create pain for their subs. And there is nothing wrong with that, if you enjoy that type of thing.

I do not. I am definitely NOT a pain slut.

Sometimes the ladies forget this. Before we session I do my best to remind them, but beyond that, I am expected to be subject to their whims. I do have a safe word, but using it means punishment will eventually follow.

Most know my limits and will push them, but they care about me and don’t push too far. They enjoy my reactions because some of their hardcore victims suppress them.

One domme who violated this “limited pain” rule is no longer allowed to shoot with me. But recently they shot this “limited pain” rule to hell. And I have still not completely recovered. The pain I feel tonight is the reason I am writing this post.

Savannah pins me (still from older clip)

The first problem cropped up when Goddess Savannah used clothespins on me during Fetcon. She has pinned me before. I don’t like it, but I’m told my penis does, because it always gets rock hard. One of the pins caused major discomfort. Somehow, by accident, it was clipped to my testicle and blood vessel. The testicle bruised and my balls had enough. They were determined to pull back up inside my body.

The next day I was very sore, but we had a lot more clips to shoot. Then came Goddess Sarah. In the clip: Destroying Your Testicles, Goddess used her boots and barefeet on my crotch. She forced my already bruised nut through the gap between my chastity cage and base ring. That gap is designed to keep my testicles trapped. She used enough force they had no choice.

That is my I called this post Nuts Aren’t Supposed To Do That.

My testicles were beyond sore, and I had more shoots to suffer through.

Then it happened, my nuts no longer held the chastity cage on. They would slip painfully through the ring with even the slightest pressure. Each time they slipped through they became more and more bruised and sensitive.

I did put on some other cages from some sessions, but my body really wanted no more. It was sheer will power that I managed to finish out the shoots.

I ended up having to switch to a smaller ring which leaves irritations around my sack. The pain has receeded but I will be seeing my doctor soon. Not sure how I will explain the problem, but it needs to be looked at. And no, I do not have to wear my cage since the testicles need to be free for this exam.