Nadia becoming my chastity keyholder was the first clip shot for Tiny Chaste – Chastity Training.Chastity Keyholder Observing my edging

Locked since my lunch with Nadia a week earlier, she had communicated with me a few times although she said little about my condition. On one hand, that excited me. On the other, it was a bit of a let down.

The first thing she did when we met was inspect my chastity cage and then remove it. I just went with the flow, scared to screw things up.

We thought it would be fun to make the first clip in the studio about how she put me into chastity. Since we weren’t heading back to the Tilted Kilt, we improvised in the room.

Nadia started with a POV and me holding the camera. She confessed she had used my computer and found my chastity links. Knowing I had a small dick, Nadia decided she would be my chastity keyholder.

The POV shot gave it the feel she was talking to the viewer and I thought we would continue that way. She had other ideas.

We set the cameras on tripods and then started the next part of the scene, in which she intended to have me masturbate. I had to edge several times to her commands. I was excited and close from the start. She was loving the torment.

Next, she pulled out my cage, saying she had purchased it online and was going to put me in it.

The stocking trick is probably the easiest way to slip someone into a chastity cage. I figured she was going to do that since I was pretty damn hard. But no, she decided to slowly force my erection into the cage.

Once I was locked, I forget what happened next. It is on the video, which I edited and have watched countless times, but I still forget.


Vice Chastity Cage


What I do remember is how I felt when she shoved my penis in the cage. That was the very first time she touched my cock. I was aroused, I was in subspace, and every time I watch that scene I go right back to that moment which overpowers everything after.

We shot several scenes that day, however this is still one of my favorite moments on camera.

If you haven’t seen this clip, it is available in our studios and titled “I Will Hold Your Key – Full Version.” Now that you know the story behind it and the feelings it brought on, you may enjoy watching it, realizing exactly how powerful that clip was.

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