Every once and awhile, I get chastity questions through emails, comments or DM’s on social media.
chastity questionsUsually they are about where I got my chain, or how the chain works. Sometimes people ask questions about different chastity devices. I’ve gone through quite a few of them and I offer advice when I can.
But this week I got one that I seldom get asked, and I want to thank the fan that sent it. After I responded, I thought maybe I should address it here.

I’m sure you get this all the time but i’m a huge fan of the channel.  i was just wondering, does Nadia actually keep you in enforced chastity with limited orgasms etc.?    

If you ever wondered this, I’ll share my answer with him, and then go into some extra details.
I responded:

I wouldn’t call it enforced. I love the frustration and edging that chastity provides. She got me started down this path in real life and has facilitated me shooting with her friends. (Who have introduced me to others.)

I don’t have relationships outside of those sessions and no desire to cheat myself of the sensations. In that aspect, even if I am not locked I am still chaste.

Each model decides what she wants to do, although we do discuss some aspects. They know likes and dislikes, even if they don’t always care if I dislike something. (We have a safe word but I have only had to use it a few times.)

There are times where we do multiple shoots with multiple models in a short period of time. Then I will go months in between orgasms even though I may shoot, but be denied.

Nadia is my first and will always be my main key holder. Not an easy answer but not a conventional or easy lifestyle.

Thanks for following and being a fan!


Now let me elaborate. When I say Nadia got me started down the path, I was already hosting a chastity blog on Tumblr under an old screen name. She helped me with creating my own content and then decided to become my keyholder. You can read about that in: Lunch With Nadia, and several articles on either side of it.

In Front Of The Camera for Chastity FairytaleI am locked, but not 24/7/365. When I am allowed out, I still don’t touch myself. I have no desire to. It allows me to have increased sensations when I shoot clips.

So am I given limited orgasms? Looking at the clip store, you may think not. But you see what is there, not what happens behind the scenes.

Porn Star Chastity KeyholderThere are porn/fetish conventions around the country. I attend some of these to have shoots. At Fetcon, I shot with 14 or 15 Goddesses in 5 days. (Yes, I lost count.) We created so much content that I wouldn’t have to shoot for several months.

During those five days, I had countless orgasms. Then I go into a dry spell. Sometimes it is much longer than others. This time, I have had a couple of extra shoots, but the only orgasm was granted by Nadia. (Thank you Goddess.)

If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I will try to answer as time permits.

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