After my shoot with Bella, my next shoot was with Goddess Sapphire.

I didn’t realize until editing the videos, she had worn the same outfit as our first meeting. Perhaps because I told her she looked hot as hell in it, and she definitely ramped up the heat during this shoot.

Goddess Sapphire in What Would You Do?In the clip: What Would You Do?, Goddess Sapphire started by tying my hands to the lamps above the bed. Not exactly secure, but I feared movement would rip the lamps off the wall.

My cock had leaked on her hand during the last visit, and she wanted payment. Knowing the leaking wouldn’t raise Nadia’s wrath, Sapphire threatened to tell her that I came all over her.

It wasn’t true, but Sapphire knew that Nadia would believe her over my moans about it being a lie.

She continued to arouse me and tease my cage as she verbally abused me until I was desperate to make a deal. Let’s just say, I didn’t escape that situation without considerable cost.

Goddess Sapphire in You Want To CumWhile strapped to the bed, Sapphire decided to create a second clip we called: You Want To Cum.

She used her soft hands in an attempt to make me cum in my chastity cage, something that Nadia had forbidden.

Although we didn’t reveal the outcome in the clip description, despite Sapphire’s incredible manipulation, I managed to withstand the urge. To say my ability to hold out upset Goddess is an understatement. This is a really hot chastity hand job clip.

How Dare You Video stillShe made me bend over the back of a chair and spanked me for not obeying her order to cum. Either way I was screwed because Nadia would have punished me for cumming in the cage.

We recorded this spanking for the clip: How Dare You.

As another punishment, Sapphire made me operate the camera as she did a strip tease for the: Best Strip Tease You’ll Never See.

This was similar to Nadia’s clip: Strip Tease Challenge.

strip tease clipThis POV (is that even right?) clip requires the viewer close their eyes as she strips for them, while she is describing every moment. By the time she tells you to open your eyes, she is no longer naked.

I have no doubt few will follow the directions to close their eyes. That is okay, you can suffer in your chastity cage. Just make sure you are locked in your chastity cage first.

Two more videos were shot that day. I’ll tell you more about them in the next article.

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