I’ve been talking about Goddess Valora’s clips shoot the last couple of postings.

She oozed sexuality in these. Her look, her natural toned body and that purple hair complimented her smouldering eyes and gorgeous face.

Goddess Valora has a sadistic streak though.

Luckily at that time, I was a pain virgin and she took that into consideration. During later shoots, she was much more sadistic, until leading me into some pretty intense CBT the last time we shot.

Our next clip was: Proper Slave Etiquette.

Goddess made me balance a book on my head and prance around the room. When I did better than she thought I would, she made the training more difficult. Of course, every time I messed up she would flog me.

Following that clip, we moved into the bedroom.

That sounds better than it actually was.

Still From Goddess Valora's ClipsWe shot a POV clip titled: Tiny Dick Loser.

This POV video had Goddess kneeling between my legs. If you are in chastity, it is pretty easy to imagine she is between yours.

The clip includes a lock of small penis humiliation. “Losers like you,” she said, “deserve to be locked in chastity.” And Valora is the Goddess who can keep you there.

I love the line in the studio description that read: Her beauty offsets her thorns in this clip. When you watch it, you’ll understand what I mean. Her beauty radiates in this clip.

Our final scene from that visit was entitled : Take You Out To Tease.

She had a length of rope and tied one leg so it was stretched up and my crotch was vulnerable. The position was pretty uncomfortable, so I had to hold my leg for fear it would pull down the lamp she tied me to.

Removing my chastity, Goddess began teasing me to an erection with her vibrator. I became beet red and rock hard in no time. Once I was excited with no chance of orgasm, she left the vibrator on me and left the room.

When she returned, it was time to go back into chastity. She started forcing my chastity cage back onto my erect penis. It was obvious that my erection would make this difficult, but the harder I got, the more she forced.

The clip ended there, but the session lasted until I was limp enough she could reinsert me into the cage and lock it shut.

Goddess Valora’s clips are some of the first true dominant videos I shot. Most of the models I had worked with were switches. Goddess Valora is a dominant through and through. Check out her clips in our studios: