Anastasia left at noon and I quickly grabbed lunch, then showered in anticipation of meeting Hope Harper at 2 pm that day.

Hope was a petite, 23 year old blonde with a great smile and smoking hot body. I was so excited to meet her. I had been gazing at her photos ever since I found out we’d be shooting together.

She had a look I loved. Even though Anastasia’s pale skin and jet black hair reminded me of my first love, Hope reminded me of my first fantasy.

I remember as a kid looking through Playboy and seeing this smoking hot blonde in a hayloft. I can’t remember the model’s name. She had big tits, a sly smile, and a petite frame.

Hope Harper was exactly the look I had masturbated to as a kid. Maybe that is why it was fitting that my penis was locked in chastity when we met.

If I could have quit then and married Hope, I would have. To me, she was perfection in human form. But I also knew, I was inferior to and not worthy of this beauty.

Hope Harper & Tiny Chaste

Hope started by having me strip naked while she was sitting on the couch. She was wearing tight cutoff jean shorts and a pink thin strapped top. Her little pink tennis shoes completed the outfit. She looked amazing.

Hope wondered if I wanted her, especially since my cock wasn’t hard.

She knew the chastity prevented this, and she teased me about it. Hope played with my locked cock, brought her mouth within inches of the cage to breathe and blow on me, and rubbed herself along my body.

Hope Harper teases Tiny Chaste

She even gave me peeks at her body – which was described as: receiving glimpses of excitement that will leave you straining to cum.

Hope Harper in Do You Want Me?That clip: Do You Want Me? was one of our best sellers when released.

I ended up shooting with Hope two or three more times before she quit porn. To this day, our early shoots are still some of my favorites.

If you want collectibles, the Hope Harper clips in our studio are must haves. Hope was a big star in the porn world when she quit. I realize she made a decision that was right for her, but that doesn’t stop me from missing her.

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