The last shoot of my first session with Tara, began with a question, “How small is your penis?”

I try to be a good sub, but this was all so new to me. Sure I was living my dream, but I was horny as hell from all the teasing and practically begging her to let me cum.

uncaring tiny - how small is your penis?Because she was new to being in charge, I’m not sure she realized how much I was taking advantage of the situation. (Yes, I was corrected later.)

I did know she would have nothing to do with helping me solve my problem. She didn’t seem to mind the idea of watching though.

The cameras were pointed at the bed and with me laying across it, she sat down to get comfortable. Tara had the key and unlocked me. Once the cage was removed she got her first look at my manhood.

How small is your penisShe wasn’t impressed.

The scene for: Uncaging Tiny, was embarrassing as hell. A twenty something year old girl laughing at me because I have a small penis and there I was begging her to let me cum in this scene.

This time, she took the toys to my tiny dick which was now reddish purple and hard as a rock. The toys were only used to edge though.

Tara then permitted me to use my thumb and finger to masturbate, but it wasn’t helping. I was over stimulated.

Finally, Tara told me to stroke. I guess she was getting bored. I grabbed my dick and tugged myself off. My release in this clip was huge. My first real orgasm in awhile and my last for even longer.

watching a small penis masturbateFor some reason, perhaps Nadia’s training, I was in subspace where I try to follow every order. Since Tara never told me to stop stroking, I continued.

Maybe I thought I’d get another release, maybe I wasn’t thinking straight, but I literally started giving myself post cum torture.

Tara found that hilarious. She made fun of me for being so stupid before she finally allowed me to stop.

I cleaned up and locked for inspection before Tara took my keys and left. It is a weird feeling being so exposed and vunerable to someone you just met – and then realizing they are taking the keys to your freedom with them.

Note: One thing my shoots with new key holders have in common, they usually ask, how small is your penis? I understand the curiosity, and all I can now say is “you are in control, you have keys, if you want to unlock me and check that is up to you.” Some do, some don’t.