The second day of my Florida trip started with meeting Anastasia Rose.

She had turned 18 a few months earlier and this gorgeous young lady made me nervous as hell. Just because of the age difference. Anastasia was the youngest model I had worked with and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Meeting Anastasia RoseAnother thing that floored me about Anastasia was how much she looked like a high school crush. The long dark hair and the beautiful white flawless skin.

I always had a “thing” for that look. Which is a reason I also really enjoy shooting with Jasmin Jai. (But that is a story for another time.)

Anastasia has her own form of dominance. She is super sweet, mocking her slaves in a sensual way.

The first clip this shoot produced was: Just Imagine.

Hooded and kneeling, Anastasia had me clothed. That was unusual for any clip produced to that point, since I remained dressed the whole time.

Thinking back, I believe she did that to make me feel more comfortable because she could tell I was nervous.

Anastasia did a nice strip tease for me, showing off her charms, flaunting them in my face and allowing me to see what I could not have.

For an added treat, she grabbed one of her toy dildos and played with herself to an orgasm. Another thing she told me I couldn’t have.

Once the clip finished, Anastasia had me strip and then go set up the cameras in the kitchen area. I got to do the dishes and then she started the cameras and joined me to record the clip: You Don’t Deserve This.

Goddess rewarded me with a sexy tease. She made me hold out my hands and she lowered her natural breasts within inches of my fingers, but I was not allowed to touch.

She did the same with her tight young ass. At one point I was face to face with her crotch. I could smell her sexy scent, but not touch.

Anastasia Rose Cock Tease

My dick was leaking precum all over the floor, so she made me clean it up as she watched.

I knew I didn’t deserve her attention and she reminded me of that constantly.

Enjoy these stills, or grab the clips and I will share more of my first adventures with Anastasia in the next post.

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