The third scene Anna shot during our session was all about masturbation and how orgasms feel so good.

She really didn’t need to remind me, having an orgasm was all I had been thinking about for weeks. The forced ejaculation by Carissa helped, but it never took away my urge for a real orgasm.

orgasms feel so goodUnfortunately, there was a catch. Anna reminded that with me locked in a chastity cage, orgams aren’t an option for me. I would have to experience my orgasms by watching her pleasure herself.

She told me this was the only way I would ever experience an orgasm with her. And that orgasm would always be hers.

As she masturbated she would occasionally reach up and fondle my chastity cage or yank on my waist chain.

anna enjoys masturbatingI had to hold the camera for an “above shot” so we could cut allowing you to see my point of view. I hate watching the action through a view finder. It almost removes me being in the moment. Then again, that may be just their intention.

Of course, when she would fondle me, it snapped me back to the reality of this situation. It took all I could manage to kneel there beside her and keep the camera still.

The more she played with herself, the wetter she became. I remember I couldn’t wait to see her body shudder in an amazing orgasm. At the same time, I was wishing I could at least hold her tight when she came.

Yeah, no chance there.

Anna's Orgasms feel so goodAnna enjoyed every second and sensation of her play time. Her goal of leaving me straining in my chastity was complete.

Not only had she reminded how orgasms feel so good, but she was damn sure to make it an experience I wouldn’t forget.

Which meant she wasn’t quite finished with me. She wanted to remind me of everything I gave up when I allowed myself to be locked in a chastity cage.

That story comes tomorrow – and you can bet I won’t!