Very exciting day today, Constance is in town and has agreed to shoot with me.

Exposed to Constance

Tara exposes my chastity to Constance

Constance and I were introduced by Tara Tied  years ago. I’ve always found her sexy and getting a chance to meet her was a dream come true. That girl next door with a very kinky disposition, she is sweet as hell, and yet the fire burns bright and Constance loves using her sexuality and dominance to take a slave deeper into submission.

Another plus (or minus) with Constance, is she can make me cum in my chastity cage at any time.

I was trained not to cum in the cage, and I’ll be detailing a lot of that over the next few months. For that reason, giving me a caged release is rare. When I started, I would cum at the drop of a hat, but months and months of training had solved that problem.

Until Constance.

She told me she knew exactly how to make me cum in my cage. And she did. No more need to be unlocked.

Before that, I’m pretty certain Nadia just was planning to use the cage to keep me orgasm free and frustrated. But after hearing they no longer needed to remove the cage except for a tease, use or abuse my tiny dick, things changed a bit.

Except the training not to cum in my cage is still there and it will take time to reverse because they did a great job training me.

So Constance had the monopoly on caged orgasms for a long time. Some of the other ladies have managed to have ruined locked orgasms since, but the experience is rare. Sometimes I actually look forward to it. Although Constance sometimes enjoys teasing and edging me with her feet. I’m a sucker for her footjobs and she loves to give them.

I guess the question will be, what will she feel like today? Caged & Ruined, Footjob or total tease and denial.

Details on the way!




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