While Pandora and Nadia were together, we decided to shoot some more scenes for TinyChaste.com. The first of those was Chastity Birthday Surprise.

chastity birthday 1The fantasy concept was they had just returned from dinner to celebrate their chastity slave’s birthday. I shot the clip in POV style so the viewer could imagine he (or she) was the slave.

The scene started as they were returning home from a delicious meal. Naturally the chastity slave had paid even though it was “your” birthday. My two dommes were teasing you all during dinner, and now it was time to let you out of chastity for your “gift.”

Unfortunately, they have no idea where they hid your keys. Too much alcohol? Just a tease? Or was it really lost?

As a result, they decide that even if you can’t cum, it doesn’t mean they can’t. With that, Pandora and Nadia proceed to enjoy each other’s bodies.

This was the first time I saw Nadia go down on another woman. I always thought that would be hot – but somehow I always imagined I’d join in.

Of course, like I mentioned in my last post, I was on a Nadia decreed six month chastity sentence. So this scene was only meant to make me regret “my decision” to allow Goddess Carissa to give me a forced orgasm.

chastity birthday 4Chastity Birthday Surprise was never a big seller.

My guess is the concept was a bit too contrived. But if you watch this imagining you are behind the camera, I have to tell you the visual imagery is hot as hell. Definitely enough to keep you straining in your chastity cage.

In the next article I’ll share our last shoot that day. It was a custom for a client who wanted a taboo subject. Back then, we agreed to take customs because other studios would. Since then, things have changed and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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