Patience is a virtue for a chastity submissive.

You don’t have a say in matters of sexual nature and if you get upset, chances are your key holder will help you learn it the hard way.

Nadia and I were going to shoot today.

Then something happened. I had to go into the hospital for a minor surgery on Friday. That meant I couldn’t get my STD test in time for the shoot, so we had to push it back.

Now we are shooting on Tuesday. It is only one extra day, but when you are pent up, horny and things change, it adds to your frustration. Even though there is no guarantee she will let me out or allow an orgasm.

Over the past few posts I’ve been telling you about the first clips Nadia and I shot for the Tiny Chaste studio.

I’d like to continue that theme by sharing the final clip we made that day. That clip is: Cleaning Time.

The concept was that since I leak so much precum in my chastity, which I do, Nadia needed to clean my cage before sending me to Pandora.

She grabbed an electric toothbrush and decided to use it. I’m pretty sure this was the first time we had ever used an electric toothbrush. It was pretty wild.

If you are in an open stainless steel chastity cage, you definitely want to talk to your keyholder about trying this. If you don’t have a keyholder, treat yourself to the frustration. 

chastity submissive cleanedOver time, I’ve discovered I like the single round rotating head brush. We also have a double brush, but the bottom half doesn’t spin, it just rubs. A bit too much pressure and it hurts, which isn’t a bad thing, but I enjoy pleasure more than pain.

As Nadia cleaned the cage, she also started to tickle me, knowing that I am a bundle of nerves and almost every spot on my body will react.

She even did a bit of face sitting. There is nothing more I love than being under her magnificent ass and inhaling the scent of her fragrant pussy. (Remember, she had come in the scene right before this and the smell was intoxicating.)

chastity submissiveSome people only want to see what is new in our studio. They overlook the early content. But these three clips launched our studio and are definitely worth adding to your clip collection.

The Clips4Sale links are:

I Will Hold Your Key,  Sharing Is Caring and Cleaning Time.

These clips are also available in our IWantClips Studio and on ManyVids.

I won’t be posting tomorrow because of my shoot with Nadia, but on Wednesday I will try to have an article about our shoot and maybe a pic of two!

Thanks for reading this.

I appreciate everyone of you, chastity submissive, chastity slave, keyholder and/or curious. 

chastity submissive stainless steel chastity cages

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