Returning from Michigan, my next shoot was in Pittsburgh at Carissa’s dungeon, this time with Goddess Nyxon.

Goddess had a pretty strict content level when recording with other producers / studios.

Nyxon has her own Clips4Sale studios where she offered content her fans could not receive anywhere else. So if you wanted to see Goddess Nyxon do other types of content, you need to check there.

I wasn’t quite sure what Nadia had planned for this shoot, and again, we recorded in a very hot third floor dungeon. We used a different room of the dungeon to create a different look, and this time I requested we turn off the air-conditioning for most of the scenes.

Nyxon was once featured in Playboy and it is easy to see why. Our content that day included several small penis humiliation clips of Nyxon teasing my chastity with vibrators. She also did some minor CBT of my chastity.

These were shot with some Femdom POV views so the viewer can put themselves into the scene. When the action was better seen from a second angle I cut the footage in during editing.

Nyxon revealed she was the one who convinced Nadia to lock me in chastity. I had no reason to doubt this, but have since been told that by several of my keyholders.

Goddess Nyxon

The first clip featuring Goddess Nyxon, titled: Cock Cage Torment, released on August 1, 2016. In it, she tormented my caged penis with claws.

The second clip: More Cock Cage Torment With Nyxon featured additional footage shot for the original. We had intended to use it as cut-aways but the original footage flowed so well, it wasn’t needed. So this clip is a rare bonus, with lots of close-ups, sharp pokes and cage pulls to put pressure on my cock and balls.

One interesting fact, that clip also has an upside down Tiny Chaste logo. It wsn’t intentional. I was still learning the editing software and hadn’t realized the logo flipped. After rendering the clip, we felt it was appropriate and let it pass.

Other clips shot that day included JOI/Jerk Off Instructions in the clip: Will You Cum, which feature a red light/green light stroking game.

Small Penis Foot Worship was another Femdom POV where I was behind the camera recording the action. If you love perfect feet with cute toes and wrinkled soles, this one is going to have you straining in chastity.

At the end of the shoot, Nyxon clipped the pink leash to my chastity cage and zipped up my pants letting it hang out my fly. I was to pack up my cameras and leave like that. I was told that when Tara Tied showed up at my hotel, she best find me exactly like that, with leash proudly showing.

But that is a story for another day.

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