The title of this article, Love Male Chastity, is a play on words.

Simulated Blowjob of Male Chastity CageI was thrilled to work with Nadia, but I’m a whore and wanted to shoot with more models. Knowing that I could be naked in a room with these gorgeous women in various stages of dress and undress excited me, even if nothing sexual would happen.

Still perv’ing Fetlife’s model groups, I saw a notice from a Philadephia model seeking work. Her screen name was Gianna Love.

I reached out to Gianna about my Tumblr blog photo project and she agreed to shoot with me. We set up a date and I booked a hotel for the shoot.

Gianna was cute and we created some hot pics that did very well on my blog. 

The shoot was strictly fetish content. We created some simulated shots, like she was going to blow my chastity cage. She even climbed on top so the chastity cage could be so close, but my dick so far away locked behind steel.

The imagery was pretty mind-blowing when I look back at it, although it is tame in comparison to what I shoot now.

Gianna also did porn, but said I would need to be “tested” if I wanted to shoot any with her. I believe this was the first time I had learned about this side of of the porn business. 

There is a company that most porn stars use to do STD testing. The tests have expiration dates and shooting must be done with a valid test.

Love Male Chastity - Gianna Love that isThis is a safety precaution and serious models, porn stars and producers require the test results before you can shoot. Getting a test from your regular doctor does not count. They are too easily faked. The testing company has online code protected results that can be verified.

Since I found this out, I have used the company’s test (about a $200 expense) any time I will be involved in a scene where fluids are exchanged. Plus, I always check the model’s test.

No one said being in porn clips was cheap, but hey, I love male chastity and hot women!

Just the idea of having a blowjob in my chastity cage made me want to schedule another shoot with Gianna.

I had no idea as I was descending down this rabbit hole that the chastity lifestyle I had always dreamed about was just ahead.

And that my friends, is coming up in a future post.