My first chastity belt arrived Thursday. I’ve been in chastity cages with chain belts and other chastity devices such as the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet. But this is my first real chastity belt.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that Goddess Sarah forced my balls through the gap of my Mature Metal Chastity Cage. After that, they continued to slip through with considerable pain. The cage was no longer secure.

So following Fetcon, we switched to a smaller ring that causes circulation issues for shooting. When not shooting, I was back to wearing my HolyTrainer V3 Nub.

The order came that I was to find a new secure chastity ASAP. But having so many cages that never fit quite right, I was nervous. It can cost a lot of money, or ordering a custom can require a lot of wait time. That is one reason I recommend beginners start with The VICE (and you can use the code: TINYCHASTE to save money on the purchase.)

So I went onto DHGate. If you aren’t familiar with DHGate, they offer Chinese manufactured wares at a fraction of U.S. costs.

There are a lot of knock offs on the site. I don’t recommend buying knock offs, they can be factory seconds. When you are locking up an intimate part of your body, the last thing you want is a razor sharp edge or unfiled metal piece cutting into you.

But it was there I found chastity belts. Chastity belts are expensive. They require a good fit and lots of engineering. Especially to find one suitable for long term wear.

Looking at all the different belts and reading the reviews left me confused. Some looked exactly the same as others. Yet there were price differences and different ratings/reviews.

They had all kinds of belts too. Some had a solid bar going under your crotch with a hole for defecation. Others had tube covered chains and different configurations for that.

I went for a Y chain to leave my anal area free for whatever may exit. (Although it did come with a metal butt plug that can be locked in place.)

On the site, it said the chastity belt would to arrive by Sept. 11 – but it took a day longer. Shipped by DHL, they kept me in the loop and it arrived when they said it would. In all, I thought the shipping was fairly fast.

The belt came assembled, but I had to take apart the crotch chains to remove the butt plug. That was very easy to figure out. And sizing wasn’t hard either.

I’m pretty sure it will need to be adjusted, but out of the box, this chastity belt impressed me.

Locking it on was pretty easy once I figured out the locks. The hard part was finding the holes on the belt as it inserts into the front piece. It was a matter of pushing on the lock and sliding the belt in and out.

Once locked, it was remarkably comfortable. There is no pressure on my testicles at all. WIN! The fit makes it impossible for me to remove my penis – so I rate this as pretty secure.

The tube comes with a locking plate with a different sized key. This allows you to remove the bottom to clean, yet provides limited access to what is inside.

Locking shield is removable for cleaning. No need to free the penis.

I’m sure someone who is desperate could find a pair of pliers and remove the ass chains. It won’t be easy and that may or may not offer access. But the waist belt is going nowhere without a key or heavy duty cutters.

Once adjusted, we will try a month long lockdown – Locktober, possibly No-vember too. If things work out, I can see where it would be worth the investment to order a custom chastity belt of higher quality.

Although this is pretty darn good and may end up being all I need.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’m sure this will be in an upcoming video which should be interesting.

Update: Late last night the belt became uncomfortable on my hips. The discomfort was gone once I was in bed. I slept well and had a very peaceful night. 

This morning I woke to throbbing in my tube.  Ah! Morning wood. I almost forgot what that felt like. There was no pain, just frustration at not being able to become fully erect. I love that frustration so that makes this belt even more appealing to me.

I did adjust the waist band a bit by positioning the belt another notch out on each side. That did nothing to the security but made it feel much better. Plus I never saw my penis during the operation. It felt good to remain confined.

My honest opinion is I wish I had never spent so much money on chastity cages and had bought a belt long ago.

The only thing is that no one will be able to see my frustration and leaking in this belt. Which means that I will likely get transferred to a cock cage for shoots and then placed back in my belt for day to day life.

So far I rate this belt 5 stars for pricing and comfort.

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