Male chastity frustration is overwhelming me. I’m tense. I am having trouble doing anything. All I can think about is how bad I want to cum.

And then all I can think about is how I can’t.

I wrote in the last article, I am currently locked by ChastiKey since my keyholders are unavailable. They could still override it, since they have copies of my keys. If I needed out, I could buy a release for a few dollars.

So why am I now at 12 days instead of the original estimate? Because I found the green card on day 7. The app allows you to open or put your fate in the hands of a random generator. I decided the app could decide if I would be released. It started the entire lock over again.

So let’s talk about the chastity belt I’m stuck in. I reviewed it on the blog after it arrived. I have worn it for a few clips sold in our studio, but more often am placed in my Mature Metal cage for those. The belt allows no visuals.

My personal preference is to see firsthand the frustration male chastity causes. I get a lot of emails about how hot it is when my cock drools constantly. Trust me, it is hot on this side of the camera too.

But after the testicle smashing incident, my balls tend to slip through the gap of every cage I wear. I’m told everything is fine by my doctor, but I can’t exactly explain the problem. I could see my insurance company denying that claim!

The chastity belt locks around my waist though. The balls aren’t trapped. They move under the cock tube, which is somewhat restrictive, but if they move around, no problem. This is now my preferred chastity device.

I did have some issues with the belt itself causing irritation on my hips. That surprised me because I wore the chain for years with few problems. Time in the belt has allowed my body to adapt and if irritation starts, lotion soothes the problem away.

I purchased the belt from DHGate. Not exactly the highest quality, but pretty darn amazing for the price. Here are some things I like about it.

male chastity frustrationI’m completely enclosed, yet can unlock and remove a bottom shield for cleaning. The shield allows me to clean out the tube, but I can barely reach my dick. So I still never see my “manhood.” (Pictured right – Goddess Dani removed the shield to tease the head of my dick with her finger.)

I also can’t cum in the belt. Last night I tried. Hard. I know punishment is coming for that, but I was desperate. I grabbed the tube and pulled on it as I bucked my hips. And nothing happened. The entire episode left me exhausted and frustrated. And I can’t see where that will end any time soon.

The belt’s tube is large enough to allow me to get hard, but I can’t move it since it attaches close to my body. Unlike a ball trap device, where you can move things around, the belt doesn’t yield. Plus I am now on a chastity weight loss regimen and the belt can be adjusted. It is involved, but it can be done. That makes me very happy!

On another note, I did text with Goddess Savannah. I updated her on my situation and she texted back the message in the header photo above.

We were to shoot at the beginning of April. That now looks like it will moved to May. She has always wanted to ruin my orgasm in the chastity cage. I’ve been trained not to cum in it. So Goddess Savannah has used vibrators on my locked dicklet and never had any success with making me spurt. This time it will be two months of no spilling at all, ruined or otherwise. 

Her excitement at the idea of ruining me in my chastity now looks like the next chance I will get to release. I think she may just be able to achieve her goal.

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