I had only recorded two clips with Nyx Chaos and I knew it was almost time for Miss Whitney Morgan to arrive.

After Nyx had finished the clip: Tease Your Chastity, I got off the bed and checked my phone. Sure enough, Miss Whitney had arrived early. She texted: Outside your door doing the pee pee dance.

I ran to the door and let her in. She quickly greeted me with a hug, said hello to Nyx and went in to the bathroom.

That made me think exactly how weird life must be for these ladies.

A naked man wearing a mask and locked in chastity greets her at the door. We’ve never met, but she gives me a hug and says hello to another domme in the room, then hits the bathroom.

She never even batted an eye. How ordinary was this to her?

Say "I will not cum without permission"When Miss Whitney returned, I gave her the paperwork for the shoot and she said she would fill things out while Nyx and I finished up. Nyx orderd me back into the bedroom, we changed a few camera angles and she told me she was going to teach me a lesson.

Nyx produced the leather flogger. That thing hurt, and I am a pain wimp so I wasn’t looking forward to this clip at all.

Nyx told me because I came on her feet in the clip: Fuck Massage My Feet, and I didn’t have permission to cum, I needed punishment.

chastity slaves need permission to cumAs I repeated the phrase: I Will Not Cum Without Permission, (which we also named the clip) Nyx proceeded to beat my ass. She was pretty skilled at using the flogger.

Then, to my surprise, Miss Whitney walked into the scene.

Under my hood, my heart sank. This meant not only was I going to be down a clip or two with Nyx, but now I’d be short at least one clip with Miss Whitney. (We usually try to record four to five clips per shoot.)

Miss Whitney pretended to be Nyx’s roommate and was shocked to see her flogging me in chastity. Nyx explained I had cum on her feet and had not asked for permission to cum. Miss Whitney acted appalled.

I had to stand and let Miss Whitney see my locked cock as Nyx poked at the cage. Then she offered to let Miss Whitney flog me. Nyx offered a few pointers and then Miss Whitney took over as Nyx left.

At the end of that recording, Nyx had already dressed and was running out the door. Now I’d be in the hands of Miss Whitney.

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