During my six month no orgasm decree by Nadia, she allowed me to shoot with a few other women. The first was Gianna Love.

Gianna Love SpanksYou may remember I wrote about shooting with Gianna for my Tumblr chastity blog in the post: Love Male Chastity.

I envisioned finally getting a blowjob in chastity during that shoot. No such luck, I should have known Nadia would talk with her about limitations.

As hot as my first shoot with Gianna Love had been, this one was like a cold splash of water. She just didn’t seem as into the shoot or me. Of course, it may have had something to do with the fact Nadia had told her to make sure I didn’t cum.

Gianna Love removes braThe first scene we shot together was aptly named: Gianna Spanks, because that is exactly what she did.

When I first arrived, all Gianna could do is spit forth how upset she was with her boyfriend. So that became the basis for the scene. She was upset with him, and planned to take it out on me.

I went over her knees on the bed and she spanked me barehand. I had to hold myself up so my cage didn’t press into her legs, which made the episode uncomfortable to say the least.

The spanking seemed to help Gianna calm down a bit and also turned her on, so she decided I would kneel beside her as she masturbated to orgasm not once, but twice.

That clip was also aptly named: Two to Zero.

After she had orgasmed, Gianna wanted to record a jerk off instruction clip. I thought maybe she would unlock me and allow me to demonstrate as she gave commands.

Instead I was to stand beside her and she would occasionally tease me while she allowed the viewers to stroke. Everyone was enjoying themselves except me.

This clip release was: Jerk For Gianna.

Gianna Love Ruins OrgasmFinally she placed me on the bed to tease my cage. I was so horny I was starting to hump attempting to get some relief.

She wasn’t about to let me cum though. It was almost as if Gianna could read my mind. She stopped in time to ruin me, allowing some cum to dribble out of my cock, but without any sensation of an orgasm.

This is in the clip: Teased And Ruined by Gianna Love, also available in most of our studios online.

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