About a year ago, we “cumpiled” some ruined orgasms from our clips into one video. It became a #1 selling clip in the Clips4Sale Ruined Orgasms category. To this day, it is still one of our best selling clips.

Since there is demand, and my Goddesses love to ruin the rare orgasms I get, we thought, lets try this again.

The clip: Ruins 2 will release on Monday, July 6 at roughly 12 pm. EST. on Clips4Sale. It will also be released later this week on IWantClips. ManyVids will follow in about two or three weeks. Why? Scheduling my friends, scheduling …..

Let me tell you about the clip. You get a total of 8 ruined orgasms in approximately 15 minutes of video. Each clip shows a bit of the build up, followed by the ruin. Not a lot of fluff, straight to the agony of defeat.

The clip opens with a scene from Goddess Nadia called: Bi-Annual Milking. Having her between my legs, and shot POV, it is almost like she is there to torment you. I’m in love with this woman, who has controlled my cock from the beginning of this adventure. She is the one who introduced me to her friends and convinced them to play with me too. And there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing her hot porn clips where she fucks and sucks other men. (And ladies.) I’m a cuckold, even though she was never mine, but I will always be hers.

The second scene is from the clip: You Better Not! with Goddess Cassandra. You guessed it ….. I did.


Ruined Orgasm by Goddess Nadia White
ruined orgasm with Goddess Cassandra Cain

The third scene features young Goddess Ayla Aysel, who uses One Finger to ruin me. Then Goddess Dani Arcadia tells me she wants to Play With Cock. I have no staying power, although I did pretty good in this clip. You get to see a bit of the tease and the ruin in the cumpilation, but the full clip is definitely worth getting!

ruined orgasm with Ayla Aysel
Goddess Dani Arcadia ruins my orgasm.

In the fifth clip, Goddess Constance tells me “You Can Cum“, and proceeds to ruin my orgasm in my chastity cage. I seldom cum in chastity, but Goddess Constance knows exactly what it takes to make me lose control. Watch her technique and you will be amazed at how well it works.  Then Goddess Freya Von Doom gives me a forced ruined orgasm in a spiked Kali’s Teeth Bracelet. The CBT made this a very frustrating and painful orgasm, but as she said: “You Deserve This!

ruined orgasm in chastity
ruined orgasm during cock & ball torture

The last two clips in the Ruins 2 cumpilation are: Oh Goddess! featuring the sexy & kinky young girl next door mistress Lexie. Followed by The Birthday Gift from young Goddess Macy Nikole. The final scene with Goddess Macy includes slow motion replays of the ruined orgasm from different cameras.

ruined orgasm by Goddess Lexie
ruined orgasm by Goddess Macy

Ruins 2 is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy watching a slave get frustrated again and again by hot Goddesses!  (Link won’t be active until 12:15 PM EST on Monday, July 6, 2020.)

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