Shooting with Anastasia Rose was better than I had imagined. She was a natural, so at ease both in front of and behind the camera.

It was time for a chastity tease, so Anastasia grabbed the play toys she wanted to try as I lit the bedroom area and set up the cameras for the shoot.

One benefit of having three cameras is that we can usually catch every angle of the scene. That doesn’t always work, but for the most part it does. Other producers and models tend to use one or two cameras. When the scene cuts, you know it is a cut. With our clips, we can edit between cameras to keep the action going. It makes a much better (in my opinion) scene since it remains real.

We began recording the chastity tease: A Tiny Reward.

With the chores finished, Anastasia was going to tease my caged cock. She selected the purple vibrator and a toothbrush to vibrate my groin. In the middle of this tease, she got a call from her boyfriend.

Shooting With Anastasia Rose

Rather than cut and restart, she decided to play that out, letting me know that she had to go get ready for him. That fit for a chastity cuck so the tease session ended early.

I thought it might be fun for us to show the viewers her getting ready. We quickly pivoted the cameras and lights to the sink/bathroom area and did a scene. Anastasia cock leashed me to the towel bar while she pleased herself before leaving for her date.

Anastasia Rose shooting I Have A DateIt ended up being a pretty hot clip, which we edited as: I Have A Date.

We also combined the two scenes to create the complete storyline as: No Time For Tiny.

Although I Have A Date was created at the same time as the others, it remained hidden in a folder on my computer as I edited more and more clips. It was only recently found and released in May of 2019. It is always fun revisiting these early clips. They were as fun & frustrating to record as they are to watch.

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