My next shoot was full of small penis humiliation by Bella Ink, a traveling fetish model and domme. She was coming through Baltimore and Nadia set me up with a shoot.

Small Penis Humiliation by Bella InkWe checked into the hotel, the camera was set up and I went in the adjoining room to strip and wait.

Bella got ready, dressed in some sexy denim shorts and a blue top that showed off her curves. When she called me in, I immediately realized my mistake because she was very upset with the fact I was nude.

For about six minutes she ridiculed my penis size and humiliated me in the clip: Tiny Fucking Cock. I figured I had really screwed up this shoot, but the moment she finished, Bella was as nice as could be.

Our next clip, Fuck School, had Bella teaching me how to fuck. Of course, I am in chastity and it was pretty obvious to her I would never fuck again. She thought perhaps if my technique improved and someone gave me a chance, I would at least be able to please her a bit.

Fuck School

For this shoot Bella wore a see-through bodysuit that gave glimpses of her magnificent body. She bounced on top of me near my caged cock. Bella even taught me how I should position myself for doggy style and missionary position.

Being that close to her warmth, yet so denied and intimidated was a frustrating position to be in. But it was about to get worse.

dildo training 1Bella figured the only way I would ever get pleasure was to a good pegging. She started off teaching me how to lubricate a dildo with my mouth. Even though it was the tiniest dildo she had, I still gagged like a bitch.

Next I was on the receiving end of the doggy position. She started with the small dildo but it was too flexible for her to get a good rhythm going. The only other dildo available was a sheath dildo. Usually the man’s dick fills the inner compartment, so the base was too flexible.

Bella was determined to make me take it though, so up my butt it went. She managed to peg me for a short time in the clip Dildo Training with Bella Ink, but nowhere near the training I was due.

After she pulled out, my ass began to bleed. We took a time out so I could tend to my butt. Bella told me to hurry up because she had a lot more in store for me that day.

(The bleeding wasn’t serious, yes seeing the doctor was embarrassing – and no, they didn’t make me wear the chastity to the doctor’s office.)

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