For those with active imaginations, this isn’t a story about my step-sister’s chastity control. It is about Nadia giving her step-sister control of my chastity. step-sister-chastity-control-gif-1

Before leaving Carissa’s dungeon, she locked me into my chastity cage and handed me a pair of panties to wear during my next appointment. I was also handed a sealed, padded envelope with instructions to leave it on the table of my next hotel and NOT tamper with it. 

After getting some sleep at my hotel, I climbed in the car for a long drive North & West to the hometown of Anna, Nadia’s step-sister.

To this day, I am still not sure if Anna and Nadia are actually related. Porn and Cam girls often call each other “sisters”, or “my wife” or any other number of endearments. There are so many sexual flavors out there and I don’t ask questions because it isn’t my place.

Anna was a 19 year old beauty who dripped sexuality from ever ounce of her being. She was working in a strip club and had some guys who liked her to domme them. She told me later she would make them put on her panties and follow her around as she performed on stage and gave lapdances to other men. Step Sister Chastity Control Gif 2

Nadia wanted to help Anna expand her domme knowledge and what better way than to allow her step-sister’s chastity control of my penis.

As soon as I arrived in Michigan and checked in, I placed the envelope on the table. Then I freshened up, put on the red see-through panties Carissa gave me, threw on some clothes and texted Anna.

I was glad I hadn’t texted Anna first, because within a minute there was a knock at my door. When I opened the door I physically took in a huge gasp of air. In front of me was one of the cutest women I had ever laid eyes on. My dick instantly struggled in the cage. step sister chastity control

Anna wasted no time, she told me to set up the cameras so they pointed at the end of the couch, and to use one for a POV shot. It was apparent making clips was nothing new for her.

She then proceeded to record our first interaction. Anna told me she had dropped by for a Cup Of Sugar. She had heard I was in chastity and wanted to see it. So she slowly stripped as she seduced me. Then dropped between my legs to remove my jeans, finally revealing me in the see-through panties.

Anna was soooo hot! Perky little breasts, tight body, soft as silk skin and those eyes! Plus she had a way of making me feel so inferior. Cup Of Sugar became one of the studio’s early best sellers. But it was Anna’s second clip that really took off. The info behind that one is coming soon!