Nadia has exposed me to a lot of women in the porn and fetish industry. Tara Tied’s first chastity tease stands out in my mind because it was the first of its kind.

After leaving Carissa Montgomery’s dungeon from my session with Goddess Nyxon, I returned to my hotel room to await Tara’s arrival.

Tara Tied's First Chastity Tease

Pink leash of humiliation

I did my best to hide the pink leash sticking out of my pants as I arrived at the hotel so I’m pretty certain no one saw it. I realize Nadia & Nyxon intended for it to be visible to embarrass me.

You’ve got to keep in mind this scene was still new to me and I wanted to avoid embarrassment at any cost. Especially public embarrassment.

After Tara arrived, we finished the required government paperwork for fetish & porn shoots. Then she revealed that she had no experience with chastity. Nadia had given her some tips, so I set the cameras toward a chair as directed and we began.

In the clip, Tara Tied’s First Chastity Tease, she was sincere that she didn’t understand. Why would I allow Nadia to lock up my dick and share me with her friends?

She wanted to see my caged dick, so with pants and underwear removed, and Tara holding the leash attached to my chastity cage, she began to examine things.

I think she was almost as embarrassed as I was. Tara to that point had mostly done bondage modeling. Photographers and producers would tie her up for amazing damsel in distress pictures and videos.

Submissive, she wasn’t quite sure how to deal with a locked up dick. After the “examination” she took me to her computer to check out the Tiny Chaste clip store. That made her laugh even more.

The idea that women teased and kept me horny amused her because she wasn’t into the scene. Even though she didn’t understand the mindset, she promised Nadia to give it a try.

And so with the initial humiliation out of the way, both of our training began. I was placed on all fours on a coffee table and Tara used brushes and other implements to see how my cock responded in steel. We released the clip in parts – you can find the full version here if you want to see more of this experience.