The last few days I’ve been sharing details from my shoot with Audrey. The last scene we shot that day had me under Audrey’s ass.

Ass smothering was pretty new to me. I had women face sit me before, but they always positioned themselves so I could breathe.

About to be placed under Audrey's AssNot Audrey. When she plopped that booty-licious ass of hers on my face, there was nothing to inhale but her scent. And her scent was very fragrant since teasing me for the past couple of hours had really turned her on.

Audrey said she would do this scene topless, which had me excited. Seeing her breasts in the navy dress and then her floral lingerie had me fantasizing about seeing them bare.

Of course, Audrey knew that and decided not to remove her top until the cameras were rolling. That meant I needed to be in place, on the bed, with my face covered.

under Audrey's AssSo I never got to see Audrey’s naked breasts that day. All I got to do was look at them as I edited the clip. Talk about frustrating!

Audrey climbed on my face and started tickling me. I hate when people tickle me and now that most of my keyholders know this, they often use tickling as a form of torment to make me uncomfortable.

Alternating between smothering and face sitting, my chastity cage got a lot of attention too. And of course, the more fun Audrey had, the wetter she became.

Smothered under Audrey's AssGasping for breathe and dripping with desire, the scene ended way too early for me. I could have enjoyed being under her ass for hours, but was only given about 7 minutes.

I never came out of my cage that day. Audrey left me desperate for more attention. One thing I did know was that I had fallen in love with her style of domination and couldn’t wait to visit her again.

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