We now resume our program … the Florida Trip (continued).

Before I was derailed by Fetcon, I was sharing the story of how my life in chastity progressed in the creation of our studio. If you missed the story of the Florida Trip, it was my first time meeting so many Goddesses in such a short period of time. Read about it, you’ll enjoy the frustrations and situations I encountered.

After shooting into the night with Miss Whitney Morgan, I had to wake early and prepare for Phoenix Wild and Melanie Hicks. They were set to dominate and tease me for quite a while.

I had never met these women and I was a bit nervous. Melanie is a pretty well-known MILF porn star and I was a big fan. Well, big in fandom, but she has taken a lot of large cocks. No doubt mine would be miniscule to her. I had no idea if she was even familiar with chastity slaves since I never saw her in any fetish clips.

Chastity SlaveWe set up the cameras to focus on the kitchen and table, then Melanie went in the other room before the shooting started. Phoenix had me strip and made me display myself to her. Then she had me sit on the kitchen table and told me she was going to call her neighbor, Melanie.

Obviously with Melanie in the other room, it was a fake conversation. But they played out the scene as if Melanie had heard about Phoenix’s chastity slaves, but never saw one.

When Melanie came in the room I was beyond embarrassed. If I had been able to undress in front of her, it would have been one thing. I would have had time to come to grips with exposing myself. But for her to walk in and see me there, sitting on the table with my legs open and chastity on display, was humiliating.

small penis humiliation

Phoenix made me stand and turn around slowly so Melanie could get a good look at me. There was plenty of small penis humiliation to go with this. I really felt ridiculous. It made me wonder why I ever agreed to any of this.

Finally, Phoenix told me to clean my sweaty ass print off the table. She went into the bedroom with Melanie.

If figured the clip was finished there. And it was, but now they really wanted me to clean up. The clip apparently turned them on, because the bedroom door closed and I could hear them making love.

I looked around the suite to see if there were any cleaning supplies. There weren’t. I ended up using hand soap, water and paper towels to clean off the table.

Ball Flogging PunishmentWhen they emerged, the cameras started again. This time, they were not impressed with my clean up job. I was bent over the table and Phoenix decided they would flog my balls.

I was still rather new to this and Phoenix knew I was not into pain. Plus my balls seldom got touched, so they were sensitive as hell. She took it pretty easy on me, and then handed the flogger to Melanie who also took a turn.

Melanie HicksWe released the scenes combined as: Ass Print Punishment.

The clip was also broken into parts, with the first being called: Meet My Neighbor

and the second called: Ball Flogging Punishment.

In the next article I’ll tell you about one of my favorite clips with these two!

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