Another First Time Tease

Another First Time Tease

Since I was on the topic of the first time tease, I thought I would go ahead and expand on the subject.

Ladies aren’t always sure how to deal with a man with a locked cock. I mentioned that in my post: Keilani’s First Chastity Tease.

Porn stars are with a lot of men. They know how to have sex, and they are damn good at it. Now throw them in a room with a man who can’t have sex and say drive him nuts, but don’t let him cum.


first time tease by Lexie Fux

This was definitely the case when I shot scenes with Lexie Fux.

Lexie is a cute 20 something year old. I am old enough to be her father. She is slender and good looking. I am overweight, naked and wearing a hood.


Our first session started with me standing beside her chair. It allowed her to examine my cage, see any arousal and access me with her toys.

first time teasing a chastity submissive

Lexie didn’t quite know what to say. Verbal skills on video are very important. The domme’s verbal taunts, teases and humiliations sink into my psyche.

This being her first time tease of a chastity sub, she wasn’t quite sure what to say or do. You can feel the apprehension from the clip. Lexie wanted to tease but was slightly unsure of herself.

She did get me very hard. At least, as hard as I could be with my cock locked in a small tube pointing downward. So on that note, her first time tease was a success.

first time tease

We shot several scenes that day. The first few were pretty short, but after that, Lexie got the hang of keeping me on the edge. I know she will be a force to be reckoned with someday soon!

See the first time Lexie teased me in the clip: Poor Penis.


$5.00 $10.00

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Hot Sauce Handjob

Hot Sauce Handjob

In the bottom of my suitcase is a bottle of Tabasco hot sauce. I’m not sure who put it there, but it went unused for a couple of years. Every domme who saw it, refused to put me through the agony.

Brooke BlissThen came Brooke Bliss.

Brooke wondered what the sauce was for. I told her I assumed it was a replacement for lube. Perhaps for a handjob. Hopefully not for butt play.

She decided that we would try the sauce for a scene, and that night we recorded Tabasco Handjob.

Brooke decided it was wise for her to wear gloves. After all, hot sauces can cause all sorts of irritation. For example, if it got in a cut, or your eye. Or even your urethra.

hot sauce handjobAt first, Brooke only poured out a few drops before rubbing it into my penis. She worked it around pretty good too. But she would need more lube.

The second helping was much more. The room lit up with the wondrous smell of hot sauce. It made her hungry, but she wasn’t in the mood for hot sausage.

As the extra hot sauce absorbed into my penis the burn became intense. And with her hand moving around, up and down my dick, the precum began to flow.

The sauce acted like a magnet and seemed to flow up the dripping, straight into my hole. Now the burn became extremely intense. Brooke may have even rubbed some in herself. I don’t remember.

hot sauce handjob

I was busy. I was trying to hold the camera still. The pleasure of the handjob and the burning of the hot sauce coursing through my dick made that very hard to do.

This was a really uncomfortable session. The burning continued long after the scene. Even washing did nothing to relieve the pain. 

If you enjoy Femdom Handjobs, this is a clip you should definitely watch.

And now that the other ladies know I can handle this, I imagine the Tabasco sauce won’t lay in the case another two years.

Locked Cock

Locked cock pics

Because we all know you want to strain in frustration while locked in chastity.

locked cock
locked cock in metal chastity

I get to live most of my chastity fantasies. Some would say I am lucky. But honestly, luck has nothing to do with it.

locked cock tease
locked cock blowjob
The models who keep my cock locked like the fact I am a normal guy with a chastity fetish. Chastity doesn’t rule my every waking thought. And it doesn’t affect the way I treat the ladies as people.
locked cock foot tease
locked cock blowjob
I see the way other men react. They are so desperate they make a nuisance of themselves. Would you walk up to a woman you don’t know in public and ask her to keep your cock locked? I hope not, or you’d likely end up locked up yourself.
cock locked in steel chastity cage
locked cock teased by vibrator
Yet the ladies show me messages from guys who contact them with those types of requests. I’ve even gotten a few myself, from guys who can’t read and don’t realize I am the chastity sub, not the lady in the picture.
cock being locked in full chastity belt
cock locked in full chastity belt
cock locked in chastity belt
Now back to the main subject, I’m sharing these pics for those of you who want to strain, but have no one to tease you. And for those of you who have someone to tease you, as long as your keyholder doesn’t mind, let your locked cock strain too!
If you really want to strain in chastity, go buy some of our clips!

Locked Cock

Locked cock pics Because we all know you want to strain in frustration while locked in chastity. I get to live most of my chastity fantasies. Some would say I am lucky. But honestly, luck has nothing to do with it. The models who keep my cock locked like the fact I am...

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Brianna’s First Male Chastity Tease

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