After recuperating from my ordeal described in the post: Small Penis Humiliation By Bella, I was ready to be in front of the camera again.

In Front Of The Camera for Chastity FairytaleWe started slow, with: A Chastity Fairytale.

Bella told a story of a little penis that met the chastity queen. She sat on the couch and I was laying on the floor at her feet. Using my pink cock leash, she would jerk my cage to the tale as the little penis made its way through the story.

While the jerking of my cock cage felt pretty good at times, the story is kind of lame, but then again, she made it up on the spot.

In Front Of The Camera for Fun With ChastityOur next scene: Fun With Chastity had me laying over a padded bench with Bella beside me.

Even though I was in front of the camera, my chastity was the only focus of this clip. All I had to do was lay there and enjoy as she talks to the viewer. She talked about how much she loves watching a cock strain to get hard when it can’t.

Her fingers stroked the flesh of my cock as they danced over the cage. Plus she even stripped to give the viewers glimpses of her fantastic body.

It was an unbelievable tease and denial session that had my dick leaking precum all over my balls.

Premature OrgasmOur final clip: Post Orgasm Fun, came as a total surprise to me. Bella removed my chastity cage and began to give me a handjob. Having been in the cage for quite a while, I was sensitive as hell and ended up cumming too fast for her.

Looking back, I am not sure if she was just planning on edging me or if she intended to let me cum. All I know is she was unhappy I was premature.

As punishment, Bella kept stroking giving me Post Orgasm Torture. I become extra sensitive and ticklish after an orgasm and she wouldn’t stop, which started me convulsing in laughter.

Post Orgasm TortureJust when I thought she was going to stop, she renewed her efforts and continued the PCT. The more I laughed, the harder she laughed and the longer the torture continued.

Nadia never said anything about Bella allowing me a release. Possibly because Bella provided the lesson that followed. What I did realize was that I was totally at their mercy for my orgasms and I would do whatever I could to stay on their good side.

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