My first fetish clip shoot was suggested by Nadia. She asked if I would be willing to shoot some scenes and let her sell the clips in her Clips4Sale studio.

I’d get any stills I wanted for my blog, and she would have content to sell.

chastity fetish clip shootIt sounded fun to me, and I offered to edit them for her, which made her a happy goddess!

We scheduled the shoot and she planned out what she wanted to do in the fetish clips. Then we got together and recorded everything.

This was a bit different than just video recording to get still frame images. I needed to start figuring out lighting and composition, angles and closeups. My goal was to make these clips do well for her so she would want to do more.

The day of the shoot, we ended up recording four hot chastity fetish clips.

fetish clip shootIt was almost surreal. I had bought and watched clips, but this time I was looking through the camera and she was actually teasing my chastity cage and saying these things to me.

Talk about a rush!

I went home and edited the clips for her as soon as I had the time. Then I sent them to her for approval.

While I was editing the clips, I thought to myself, why don’t I do this? Why don’t I start a clip studio? I have the cameras, I have the business knowledge.

And Tiny Chaste was born.

I talked with Nadia and she agreed to shoot scenes with me. Some other things also came to light in that conversation. Our next lunch date would be interesting to say the least.

So I reached out to an accountant and my lawyer and had articles of incorporation drawn up. Business licenses and bank accounts were open and my new company was set to go.

And soon, Nadia and I would be working on the first fetish clip shoot for Tiny Chaste – Chastity Training!

Epilogue: Nadia ended up posting one of our first clips on Clips4Sale. Then she got involved in other things and the rest, as far as I know, were never released. Last year, I got her permission to release those clips under the Tiny Chaste banner. The clips are currently available on Clips4Sale and coming to I Want Clips and ManyVids.

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