A few days ago I mentioned my shoot with Audrey Sugarsmak and how I screwed up the order of my session timeline.

After seeing Pandora, she mentioned I should shoot with another Philadelphia model. Nadia knew Audrey and agreed, so an appointment was set and I went to meet her.

Audrey Sugarsmak first clip stillSome men prefer the leather clad domme and while I find that exciting, my attraction has always been to the devilish girl next door with a kinky streak.

Audrey Sugarsmak was exactly that.

She is cute as hell, has an amazing body and was totally different from anyone I had met before or since. She plays with people, they are a toy and she has so much fun.

I remember watching clips of people who seemed to be going through the motions, or reading scripts. With Audrey, she was so comfortable with herself you can tell she is having a great time tormenting me.

Audrey Sugarsmak - Tease GoddessThe first clip we shot together: Teasing Time With Audrey, really set the tone for our future clips.

Audrey was at the desk in the hotel room and I stood naked in chastity beside her. She wore a little navy blue dress that gave me a great view of her cleavage, and allowed her to show off her legs in high heels.

After an examination of my chastity, Audrey discovered a couple of things. First, I was horny as hell so my dick was already leaking precum. Second, I was ticklish, which delights her to no end.

She soon got to work exciting me with an electric toothbrush in between tickling me to ruin my excitement.

Audrey Sugarsmak - girl next door femdom

As you watch this clip, her laughter and expressions are priceless. She loves what she does and she does it so well.

Audrey and I have shot together many times over the years and always have fun. In front of the camera she is a blast of energy, behind the scenes, she is exactly the same.

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