Following my first Tiny Chaste shoot with Nadia, I was set to shoot chastity clips with Miss Pandora.

Miss Pandora is a pretty well known model based in Pennsylvania and I was to travel there and book a hotel for the shoot. Earlier I had reached out to Miss Pandora, but she had ignored my contact because I wasn’t a known producer and models value their safety.

This proved to me exactly how connected Nadia was within the fetish porn and model business. It would also lead me to shoot scenes with models I may otherwise have never met.

The clips shot that day were never big sellers. I’m not sure why. Miss Pandora is a sexy MILF and she was smouldering in these scenes.

Our first clip was: Meeting Boss Pandora.

chastity clips with miss pandora

In the scene, I was to record a POV shot of knocking on Pandora’s hotel room door and granted enterance. Pandora was Nadia’s boss, and Nadia had loaned me to her in hopes of getting a promotion at work.

The clip description is:

Nadia sent Tiny to her boss, Miss Pandora’s hotel room. Starting in POV, Pandora teases you about your small locked up penis. She models her hose, heels and lingerie to keep you straining in your cage. The clip then switches POV when Pandora holds the camera while she examines Tiny’s cage. Once she is satisfied he can’t escape, Tiny lies on the bed as Miss Pandora continues to ridicule his inadequacies while pleasing herself. Will Nadia get her promotion?

The POV allowed Miss Pandora to tease the viewer with lots of small penis humiliation. Then she wanted to get down to some tease and denial. Miss Pandora took over the camera and trained it on my chastity cage as she explored and checked the security. Once satisfied I was locked in, she had me lie on the bed for her brand of tease. She proceeded to masturbate herself, occasionally reaching over to slap or flick my caged cock and balls. The fact I couldn’t do anything to relieve my frustration seemed to turn her on even more.

While this clip was never did well in the studio, it is a clip I enjoy watching over and over. Miss Pandora is a very hot MILF and a lady that to this day I wish I could have had more interaction with.

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