Anna’s chastity lap dance was one of the most frustrating things I had experienced to that point.

Chastity in PantiesIn my last post, Stepsister’s Chastity Control, I explained how I met Nadia’s stepsister, Anna. She was 19, working at a strip club and learning to become more dominant. Nadia decided I would be the test subject for Anna to learn about chastity.

The last clip scene was humiliating, but my new young goddess had much more in mind.

Anna ordered me to re-arrange the furniture. She had me place a camera at the far side of the bed to catch the back view and two others to catch front/side views. Once everything was to her liking, she removed my panties, had me sit on the couch and she pulled out a boom box. (Remember those?) She turned on some of her favorite dance music from the club and stood in front of me.

She told me in the club she made men cum in their pants with her lap dances, but if I didn’t restrain myself she’d punish me. Then she climbed on and started gyrating. Her body inches from my face, rubbing slowly up my bare skin, sensually caressing me and lord, those smouldering sultry looks!

chastity lap dance animated gif

When she had her ass in my face, thrusting it up and down then brought it down close to my cage, I thought I was going to lose it.

Nadia had warned me I was never to cum in my cage unless she gave me permission. I was seriously worried that if I came, Anna would love to practice punishing me. Plus I would then suffer Nadia’s wrath.

After Anna finished her dance, she handed me a video camera and told me we were going to do this again. This time, I would shoot POV so our viewers could experience her for themselves.

I swear I almost passed out.

To this day when I watch that video, I struggle with the sensations. At one time, I would have reached out, grabbed that ass and fucked her. That is, if I could have even gotten near her – she was so far out of my league and much, much younger.

But now, my life has changed. I am a playtoy – something to fuck with instead of fuck.

When editing the clip for the studio, we did not have rights to the music Anna used, so I had to find a royalty free clip that would match the beat and tempo of her moves. This meant I had to watch the footage over and over – frustrating for certain.

I finally found a clip, purchased it and then after laying down the track, built the clip based on the different camera angles. The clip contains the entire lapdance, plus the added in scenes of the POV camera which I felt I matched into the action pretty well. To me it plays exactly like I remember it!

This clip became one of our studios’ top sellers of all time. Check out Anna’s Chastity Lap Dance. See if you could avoid losing your load if she were on you!

Our session was far from over, but that is a story for another day.