I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to post today, but I forgot to share something really important yesterday.

The last clip we recorded during that session was Cleaning Time. After the shoot was over, I started packing the lights and video equipment. This is done in the nude, except for the chastity cage. Nadia never told me to, but it allows me to stay in subspace a bit longer and she never said not to.

Plus, I think she enjoys getting dressed and having a little CFNM time before she leaves. So that day, as she was getting dressed she was talking about what was happening in her life.

It turns out, she was no longer seeing her love interest at the time. As a result, she was getting back into pornography. That is why she touched my cock when she put on the cage in I Will Hold Your Key.

She then started telling me about some of the shoots she had scheduled with producers that had filmed her in the past. The following week she was going to be having sex with two guys, then had a girl/girl clip coming up. Plus she was starting to field other offers.

During her time as a porn star in the early days, Nadia was extremely popular. She has few limits. Nadia loves anal, blowjobs, boy/girl, girl/girl, gang bangs and bondage. She switches so she can be a submissive bottom or a very dominate top.  



I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There I was, trapped in a steel chastity cage, horny as hell from hours of teasing, edging and denial, and she was telling me about her upcoming sexual adventures. To say that had me straining in my chastity cage is an understatement.

Naturally, I had to ask if she would consider recording some scenes like that with me in the future.

Her reply was, “Maybe, but you are pretty small and I’m not sure. I’ll think about it.” Then she gave me a hug and walked out the door, dangling my chastity keys in her hand as she left.

If you have looked through our studio now, you know she eventually did have sex with me, although it has been very few times and pretty far in between other shoots and chastity periods.

Still, that day, as I slowly packed the gear away, I was overwhelmed by the fact that my key holder – who was also one of my best friends, was going to cuckold me.


I get a lot of questions from people getting started with chastity. The question I am asked the most is what type of chastity cage should they start with? We are all built differently. While, in my opinion, the ideal chastity cage for long term wear is stainless steel, jumping in and buying a stainless steel cage can result in a lot of trial and error.

I’d recommend going with the tried and true beginner models: The Vice and the CB series. These cages come with several base rings and spacer options. It offers the beginner a chance to play with sizing until they find something comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. If you are just starting, I can’t help you with the CB series, but if you purchase the Vice cage, use the code: TINYCHASTE at checkout and you can save about $20. Once you get a comfortable sizing, I’ll be happy to offer some suggestions for long term cages.

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