Sapphire’s foot tease was like heaven to anyone with a foot fetish. This immediately followed the clip Waste of A Cock Cage described in my last post: Cock Cage Abuse.

Worshipping Sapphire's FeetPlaced on the floor at Sapphire’s feet, she started with me caressing and kissing her feet in her leather strap heels.

It was a warm day and the pungent sent of her feet was a sweet smell that filled my nostrils.

The worshipping didn’t last long.

Sapphire made me lay down beneath her and began to toy with my cage using her feet. She ran her toes and soft, warm soles along the chastity cage, playing with the tender flesh poking through the bars as I tried to become erect.

Sapphire's foot tease of my chastity cage

Her feet gently ran across my trapped balls, making my penis press harder against the steel cage.

Of course, there was plenty of small penis humiliation as Goddess continued to ridicule the size of my penis.

small penis humiliationHer dark skin contrasted so beautifully with my pale flesh that just looking at the photo stills from Sapphire’s foot tease video bring back wonderful memories.

Following the shoot for Sapphire’s Feet, she read several pages of chants recorded for an upcoming hypno-chastity clip. We have released several different versions of that clip, which also features Goddess Bella and Goddess Valora.

We spliced chants to reinforce the message throughout the videos. In some, we created subliminal tracks that alternate to the left and right channels to penetrate your mind as you relax.

A “white noise” soundtrack was also edited into the videos to help you drift comfortably as the women rearrange your thoughts and make your desire for chastity even stronger.

hypno-chastityThe concept for this clip was mine, because my early interest in chastity had me listening to several hypno-dommes. My desire was to stay in my cage for longer periods of time, and the audios seemed to help.

Nadia agreed it would make an interesting addition to our clip studio if we found someone with experience in hypnosis. I recorded Sapphire’s chants using concepts I remembered from the recordings I used to listen to. None were copied, but the commands were similar and one’s that I felt would affect me the strongest. I’ll share more on the hypno clips when I discuss the other dommes in the videos.

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