Locked in chastity and tormented beyond belief that day, my evening was about to become harder than I would. (Bad chastity pun.)

in chastity for Miss Whitney MorganMiss Whitney had me reposition the cameras and lights in the bedroom. She had me lay down on the bed and she climbed on beside me.

Using brushes and vibrators she continued to tease my sensitive penis through the cage. My balls were aching with each stroke and my nerves were on fire.

She continued the “sister” role during this scene, so I rolled right along with it. God I wish she was. How awesome would that be? Teased and controlled by your actual sister?

locked in chastitySure, it would be humiliating. Possibly detrimental to your life-style. And maybe the idea of your sister doesn’t turn you on. My real step-sister doesn’t. But wouldn’t that make it even more humiliating? Submitting to someone you wouldn’t want to? Locked in chastity by someone you can’t stand?

I know it would be humiliating for me. And I’ve had a few Goddesses I wish I hadn’t had to submit too. But that is out of my control. Luckily Nadia and I can openly communicate and she doesn’t push me too often.

So back to Whitney Morgan!

After teasing me a while longer, she went to change into her leather pants. A bit of face-sitting was in the cards for me.

This was the first face-sitting scene I had shot as memory serves. I was wearing my hood at the time.

Not a good idea.

When Miss Whitney set her weight on my face, the rivets from the mask pressed hard into my flesh.

I couldn’t say anything as her ass cut off my air supply. Plus I was afraid of ruining the clip. So I laid there and literally suffered every moment of this.

Being smothered by her sexy sweaty leather ass was intoxicating. I just wish I could have enjoyed the time more.

in chastity to dominatrixAt the end of the session, she made me get down on the floor and put handcuffs on me in case she decided she wanted to play later. It was a pretty long night kneeling there on my old knees.

We released this 33 minute clip in the full version as: An Evening Of Chastity Torment.

We also broke it into two smaller clips:

Chastity Training (Part One) and Sweaty Leather Ass Smothering (Part Two)

The next morning, I had to get ready for my shoot with Melanie Hicks and Phoenix Wild. That is a story for the next post!

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