Chastity keyholder problems can arise when more than one Goddess holds the keys to your cock cage. There needs to be a clear understanding between all parties so no one oversteps their boundaries. Of course, when someone does, it is usually blamed on me.

It is time for me once again to time jump so I get back on track and try to recount this adventure in the right order of events.

chastity keyholder problemsAt the end of last week, I told you about my shoot with Audrey Sugarsmak. This happened before I headed to Pittsburgh to shoot with Carissa Montgomery. I talked about that shoot here.

During that trip, I also had shoots with Anna Oksana, Goddess Nyxon and Tara Tied.

A week after my return, Nadia invited me to see her. I figured she would want to know how much footage we had and how many clips she could expect.

chastity key holders tease chastity slaveI was wrong.

She learned that Goddess Carissa gave me a forced orgasm which had her upset. Nadia wanted to be the only one to grant me orgasms since she was my main keyholder.

The problem with this was the contradiction that she told me to obey everyone she sent me to, as if the orders were directly from her. So when Carissa decided to force my orgasm, I assumed she had permission to do that.

I had no control over that situation anyway. They call it a forced orgasm for a reason.

Nadia invited Pandora over to help with my punishment. During this, Nadia stated I would stay in chastity for six months with constant teasing.

The clip: Tiny’s Punishment is a “reenactment” of this meeting created a bit later that day.

Pandora and Nadia played with each other and gave themselves orgasms while I was only able to stand there and watch their pleasure. That wasn’t part of the original “meeting” but it did live up to the constant teasing Nadia decreed.

Over time, Nadia decided that if a Goddess had my chastity keys, she would have the right to grant me release. However during the six month lockdown, I was to be trained not to cum in my chastity cage. She wanted me completely denied.

chastity submissive stainless steel chastity cages

While we were shooting video that day, the two women decided some more teasing clips were in store. I will tell you about those scenes throughout this week.