Remember when I said my lunch with Nadia was going to be interesting?

Well it was.

lunch with nadiaI was really into the idea of having a keyholder. I wanted to be locked in chastity. It was more than just creating pics for a blog.

The problem was, I could never find a keyholder. I wasn’t sure what I wanted or needed. One thing for certain, I didn’t want to get locked and forgotten. Online key holding was always a bust for me. I needed interaction.

So in a way, I was planning on using these chastity shoots to live my dreams. Women I never stood a chance with would be teasing me in chastity. What man wouldn’t love that? Unless he already had a keyholder.

I’m not sure the models realized exactly how much the shoots excited me. They knew I had a fetish, but they just figured I was having some fun.

And I was, still I definitely wanted a keyholder someday.

So as I was talking to Nadia on the phone about creating clips for my studio, she dropped a little bombshell.

Nadia had borrowed my laptop and found all of my chastity bookmarks. She couldn’t believe how many were there.

Plus, she must have had some spare time because she read a lot of the sites and now she had an excellent idea of exactly how strong my chastity fetish was.

As a kinky, sexy lady, she thought having a chastity sub might be fun. Can you see where this is going? We agreed to talk about it at our lunch.

At lunch with NadiaTo say I was nervous was an understatement. We ended up going to a Tilted Kilt Pub. If you aren’t familiar with them, you should try one.

I wore my chastity as Nadia asked and almost as soon as we sat down, she patted my crotch to make sure it was in place. Then she asked for the keys, which she laid on the table so the waitresses could see them.

We discussed my concerns and what she had in mind. She was being a little vague, but I trusted her and figured I had nothing to lose and possibly the world to gain.

We set up the date for our next video shoot and the subject turned to other topics. As we parted ways she grabbed the keys off the table and said something I remembered reading online:

“You should have been careful what you wished for!”

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