My first shoot after arriving in Florida was with Goddess Valora.

Nervous that I wouldn’t be ready, I rushed off the plane, waited for my luggage and then grabbed a rental car and headed to the hotel.

After getting the cameras and lights set for our meeting, I jumped in the shower to make sure I was clean and fresh. During shoots I never use any deodorant or cologne. Scents don’t always appeal to women, so I play it safe.

When Goddess Valora knocked on my door, I was ready.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Thin, built and gorgeous with a smile that radiates the room and eyes you could get lost within.

Goddess ValoraShe was wearing a white t-shirt with a parody of the plastic bag logo of the time, and some form fitting jeans. We filled out all the paperwork, turned on the cameras and sat down to discuss the shoot.

To this point, I said very little to nothing once donning my hood. My thought was that they should command me, keeping me generic. This way, viewers could experience the scene with their own interpretations of my feelings.

Goddess Valora would have none of that. She wanted responses. This pulled me out of my subby mode and made the humiliation that much greater.

And she knew that. Goddess wanted me to be uncomfortable around her. She can delve into the minds of her submissives and pull out what makes them tick. Then she can abuse that power.

As soon as we turned on the cameras she had her phone out and was talking with a friend. Goddess Valora humiliated me by making me strip and then taking pictures of my locked, caged cock, which she sent to that friend.

You couldn’t hear it in the clip, but her friend was laughing her ass off.

Valora then started to tease me, making me grow in the chastity. She took off her top and bra. Being a breast man, (although man isn’t quite the right word) I was mesmerized by her tits.

After Goddess was satisfied my cage hurt, she changed in front of me and took me to the desk to tie me to the chair.

Again the teasing ramped up. Small penis humiliation spewed from her lips. And she ordered me to respond, meaning I could not separate myself from her abuse.

We caught this first meeting in the clip: Ultimate Chastity Humiliation.

And to that date, it had been.