My orgasm lesson continued under Anna’s command. For someone who had never done anything with male chastity, she was proving to be very adept at frustrating a man.

That is if I even still qualified, with my dick locked in what has now been called my stainless steel pussy.

Maybe it is no longer the pussy I wish I was balls deep in, but at one time the cage fueled all my fantasies. Nadia, Pandora, Carissa and Nadia’s stepsister Anna were making me rethink my decision.

At this point, I didn’t even realize it was a decision that had been permanently made. Each of these ladies really enjoyed watching my dick twitch in metal. Plus I was paying them to tease me and the clips would bring them more cash.

After Anna finished masturbating she had me move off camera and did a POV (Point of View) JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) clip.

She had enjoyed an orgasm, and now it was you, the viewer’s turn. Everyone was going to cum except the chastity sub.

I remember a few things about this clip. Keep in mind we recorded this over three years ago. I saw it happen, I ran the cameras for her, I even edited the clip. The ladies then ordered me to  never to watch the clip again.

So, while I can see the visuals, I can no longer recall the instructions she offered. The only thing I know is the clip description:

Anna just finished masturbating in It Feels So Good and now she wants you to jerk off. I remain locked in chastity off screen while she tells you how to touch yourself. Will you get to cum, even when I don’t? A very hot clip with a very sexy lady.

I can’t remember if she allowed the viewer to cum or if it was a big tease to keep us both on edge.

What I do remember is she was talking about a big, messy load that she wanted you to spill. That was why we called the clip Get Messy.

She was also having fun. Anna felt great after masturbating, it turned her on denying me and her looks, eyes and body are on fire in the still frames we grabbed from the clip.

Check it out, who knows, your orgasm lesson may end better than mine did.

These two clips were also combined into one clip in Let’s Both Get Messy.