I am finally back from my trip to Fetcon. It was non-stop amazing and torturous at the same time.

So many Goddesses shot scenes with me I was beyond exhausted when I was finally allowed to sleep at night.

Then it was up again first thing in the morning to shower and prepare for that day’s shoots.

Among the things I do remember – a new Goddess to our site, Goddess Chloe, edged my poor penis for nearly an hour.

I lost track of how many times I reached an edge. At one point, I was at the edge for so long I couldn’t tell if she was planning on ruining me, or just pushing to see how far her skills could take her.

I have never experienced anything like that before. And Goddess Chloe just turned 18 earlier this year. Humiliating to be with a young lady so young yet so skilled.

Another session that stood out in my mind was with Goddess D. She has a Clips4Sale studio where she works with her husband, Dummy.

Goddess D wanted to play with me and play she did.

Her style of domination was amazing to experience and we have some hot footage of her session coming your way soon.

Goddess Savannah came up to my room to dominate me again. She fell in love with clothespin CBT and we had an extreme session that left me with bruised testicles and pinch marks the next day.

Then there was Goddess Sarah. I haven’t shot with her in years and she was in top form.

In our first scene, she performed some foot domination on my balls. She actually used her feet to force my testicles through the ring while my cage was locked in place.

Ball Torture

The pain was tremendous. Mind you, I had bruised testicles from the night before.

The session only went downhill for me from that point. We were only able to shoot three clips because I was in so much pain following them I was unable to continue.

My final shoot was with Goddess Anastasia Rose. She wanted to do something different in a chastity blowjob tease.

I gave her an idea – which turned out to be a HUGE mistake. The most painful blowjob of my life – I was begging her to stop. Immediately following the clip, she told me it was the hottest scene we had ever shot – so hot it made her wet!

So lots of new content will be coming in the weeks and months ahead. I’ll update the blog as time permits and hope to get back to my three posts a week by mid-September.