We don’t often do role play in our clips, but StepDad’s Chastity Keys was a wonderful deviation.

This was the first time I had ever shot with Brooke Bliss. She looks so young and innocent, it is hard to believe she is a porn star. Before the shoot, we had grabbed dinner and got to know each other. On top of that young and innocent is a sweet shyness. I couldn’t imagine her in a dominant role.

stepdads chastity keys on ankletTalking about the shoot, we hit upon the idea of her being the viewer’s stepdaughter for a POV shoot. She found her stepdad’s chastity keys while looking through her mom’s jewelry box. They were on an anklet, and she instantly knew what they were for. Apparently she isn’t as innocent as she looks.

Chastity keys made sense. Mom was constantly going out with her “friend” and coming home late. Stepdad was always doing the chores and would jump when her mom asked him to do anything. They were living in an FLR relationship, and now Brooke was going to add to that dynamic.

Finder’s keepers, and she has the keys to freedom. But it won’t be that easy. She intends to tease and deny. She is going to want things like money and freedom. But if Stepdad is good to her, who knows what may happen.

finding stepdad's chastityBut first, she needs to be sure. She confronts stepdad with the keys. He seems pretty nervous, so she lowers herself in front of him and puts her hand on his crotch. Seems pretty small and hard, almost metal like. She has to see what is there.

Stepdad has no say now. She opens his pants and pulls them down. Next come the underwear until Brooke is given her first look at the small chastity cage and the small dick locked inside.

This is too good!

discovering stepdad's chastity cage

Brooke can’t believe her luck. Her money problems are over. Her life will now be one filled with ease because stepdad is going to have a hot young lady as his keyholder. And she isn’t going to make it easy, which she then proves.

How? Well, you have to watch the clip and you can click here to buy it.

Shot POV, you are going to love having your stepdaughter find your keys.

A really hot, fun fantasy taboo clip.


stepdad's chastity