I’ve messed up my time line. I forgot to tell you about Audrey Sugarsmak. (Please remember that this was three plus years ago!)

To open the studio I needed ten different variations of clips. So you will find my first studio shoot with Nadia populates the first clip spots when assembled by release date.

Next came Miss Pandora, who told me about Audrey Sugarsmak, also a Philadephia model. I shot with Audrey before leaving to visit Carissa Montgomery’s dungeon in Pittsburgh.

I had totally forgotten about that – not the shoot, just the order in which things happened.

Each clip requires editing because we shoot with multiple cameras. The sound needs to be sync’d between clips and I look for the best angle/shot to keep things in frame, giving you the best view of the action. Because the studio was new, I picked some of the easiest clips to edit first. Nyxon and Carissa fell into that catergory. That is why they appear in the studio before Audrey, but I recorded Audrey before either of them.

So if my shoot stories seem out of order, I apologize. We have so many shoots edited that we mix the release dates up to provide our fans to see different keyholders and different types of sessions each day.

I just wanted to point this out because I’m going to tell you about my shoot with Tara Tied tomorrow. This followed my shoot with Nyxon – yet in the video when Tara looks at my clips4sale studio – you see promos for clips from Audrey.

Also, these clips released in August, but this was recorded in mid July. So how did this happen? My guess is that I took a screen shot of the Clips4Sale site when I was assembling the video and used it for a cut-away. That is the only way I can think that this could have occurred but I honestly do not remember.

Confused? I know I am, and I lived these events.

Just please understand when you see a clip order at the studio, the recordings sometimes take place months, possibly even a year ahead.

My goal with this blog is to tell the behind the scenes of our clips. And tomorrow, that will be my tour shot with Tara following my session with Nyxon, in which somehow Audrey’s clips showed up on the feed.

Then trust me, I will tell you all about Audrey Sugarsmak – because she has created some of the most interesting behind the scene antics I’ve had.

About Audrey Sugarsmak - Behind The Scenes