It was finally time to feel Gianna Love’s mouth around my dick, or so I thought.

I had a clean test, so did she, and we booked her for a long shoot. I was ready, thinking I would finally get to have fun.

She had other ideas. First, she wanted to make sure I was aching. So for several hours I was tied to the bed and we recorded the clip: Day Of Denial.

She would come in the hotel room and tease me. She used vibrators, brushes, her hands and even blew my chastity cage. At one point she fucked my chastity with a fleshlight. None of these teases lasted long, but I was pretty turned on by the time she finished. The clip ended up being about 25 minutes when edited.

Once she released me from the ropes, she said she wanted me to fuck her. Of course, not with my dick, but a pink strap-on that made an appearance.

I put on the harness and with a condom rolled down the dildo, she had “me” enter her.

I had read stories about a guy in chastity pleasing his woman with a strap-on. It always turned me on.

Watching the dildo slide into her wet pussy was frustrating as hell. She was enjoying my humping while my dick was hanging helpless in the cage. On occasion the cage would bump against her ass giving me a fleeting feeling of her warmth.

This became the clip: Fuck Me Chastity Slave.

It was the first time this had ever happened, and it was a pretty intense clip for me.

Once Gianna had her fun, she ordered me to lay on the floor.

I became her: Carpet Slave.

Her beautiful toes played with my cage, her soles rubbed and pressed against me.

Then she let me out of chastity to tease me by hand. The only question was, should she deny me pleasure, ruin my orgasm or grant me a release.

What did she decide? To find out get the clip!

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