I’ve mentioned I love a good caged tease. To me, hardening in my cage and feeling the restriction of the metal as it presses into my dick, is pleasure.

Yes, it hurts, but it also reminds me I am locked away for my keyholders. It means they are teasing me for this very reason, and that brings me joy, turning me on at the same time.

In the last post, I explained how Nyx had arrived 90 minutes late for our shoot. That meant we had 90 minutes to shoot before Miss Whitney Morgan would arrive. This made our schedule tight.

Nyx Chaos Foot MassageWe had already shot for 30 minutes to create the clip: Fuck Massage My Feet.

Along with the paperwork for the shoot – we were already down 50 minutes. That meant we were not going to get as many clips with Nyx as usual. This was a situation that I would be punished for later. The fact it wasn’t my fault didn’t matter.

I moved the cameras to the bedroom as Nyx changed into a little black outfit with see-through slots. (Not really sure how to describe that outfit. Hot?)

I turned on the cameras and assumed the ordered position on the bed as she grabbed some implements of mass destruction. Then she straddled me and proceeded to talk to the camera.

This was a follow along chastity caged tease clip. She had the makeup brush, (one of my favorites, the bristles are so soft,) a basting brush, (a stiff bristled paint brush,) and a scrub brush.

The viewers were invited to grab their own and then follow along as she used them to tease my chastity.

Mind you I had cum not much earlier, so this became post orgasm torture for me. Every touch of the brush, every stab at my balls, all echoed through my groin. She had me in agony under her.

chastity caged teaseStill, we needed the clip and we had to record it.

The clip: Tease Your Chastity, will take you along for a pretty wild ride.

I’ll close out this post by quoting from the clip description:

Can you hold back as Nyx has you sweeping soft bristles across your balls and caged cock? How tough will she go with the scrub brush? Can you stand it? Will you get to cum?

Find out as Nyx takes you on an amazing adventure to tease your chastity.

In fact, if you really wish you were under her – have a release right before you do this. You’ll understand exactly how I felt.