My chastity continues.

I wrote yesterday’s article before my shoot with Nadia, so that the blog would continue to publish.

Guess I should have waited.

I’ve been having some health issues which led to a minor surgery last Friday. The pain flared up again over the weekend and I was in misery. Today I went the a pain doctor who injected meds into my spine and hip joints.

As a result, no shoot with Nadia.

She is very understanding of the problem. After all, she is a friend as well as my main keyholder.

Any domme who doesn’t care about the condition of her submissive or slave is a domme to avoid.

We were able to schedule for later this month, and because I let her know early enough, there was no cancellation fee involved. I believe that is because we have been together so long and she knows I am not wasting her time.

When I get pain shots, it takes a couple of days to ease the ache, so they add other meds help form a concoction and make my life bare-able. I have a big meeting tomorrow so I am praying I get through it. I really need to win that contract.

On Friday, I shoot with Dani Arcadia. I can’t reschedule that shoot because she is on tour and depends on the shoot to meet her expenses.

Dani is one of the sweetest ladies in the world. She became a really good friend and has even stayed in the guest room at my house on occasions she came through town and we couldn’t shoot clips.

I’m hoping the pain is gone completely by then. Even if not, knowing Dani, she will go to great lengths to create hot scenes that won’t impact my health.

I’ll make sure to get some behind the scenes shots for you to share on the blog.

I’m a sucker for the girl next door look and Dani nails that. One of our first clips was: That’s Your Cock?

Chastity Continues For Tiny Chaste

Dani cuckolds her husband and has a strong fascination for male chastity. Apparently before this session, she had not kept him locked up, and this shoot was the first time she ever did a chastity clip.

Nadia had told her she locked me in chastity and Dani wanted to see it. She wasn’t impressed. It was obvious she never expected me to be so small. Embarrassed, humiliated and teased, this is clip was just the start of my sessions with Dani. The clip is an introduction to a true domme in the making.

My biggest wonder is if Dani will have my keys and if my chastity continues, or she will grant a release.

I’m pretty damn horny, but I don’t get much say in the matter. So make sure to check back Saturday or Monday for the answer!

Until then, stay locked and frustrated my friends!