“I want you to buy a chastity diary. A girly, sissy chastity diary. And I want you to write every kinky thought you have each day.”

That was the command, and a couple of days ago, it arrived. Thank you Amazon!

Now whenever I watch porn (usually our own as I edit the clips,) read erotic fiction, or have any kind of weird sexual thought – even if not so weird, I write it down in my pretty unicorn diary of chastity thoughts and depravity.

Wow am I depraved.

Since we are still on lock down for COVID19, I have to read the diary to Goddess every couple of days. She takes notes and asks questions.

Some of the stuff is humiliating. The kind of stuff sexual fantasies are made of. I don’t want any of this to happen in real life. Or do I?

male chastity diary

There is a difference between real life and sexual fantasy. When you are horny as hell, you may not believe it. But there is. Deep down you know that.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve fantasized about permanent chastity. Then after a month I am begging to cum. Or a raw spot will develop and the cage needs to come off or switched for another model with a different fit.

So as much as the concept of eternal orgasm denial is exciting, it isn’t something I could live with.

Luckily my keyholders know that. They also know it pushes my buttons, so they use the words to excite and scare me.

male chastity diary entrySo when I read a story on Literotica about a man in chastity, turned into a cuckold and forced to suck the bull’s cock, I strain in my cage.

That doesn’t mean I want that. Only that the idea excites me on some level. A fantasy level. An area we seldom have ventured to and never on camera.

“2020 will be about pushing some of your limits,” she tells me.

The year has started off bad, and it looks like the roller coaster ride hasn’t even started yet.

If you haven’t started a chastity diary, I highly recommend you do. It becomes a great place to store all your crazy thoughts, desires and concerns. This makes it easier to talk with your key holder or superior and not forget any important details.