Been feeling locked down lately? People are on social media claiming they are going stir crazy. Well think about my penis, it has been on a chastity lockdown for awhile.
Okay, so you don’t want to think about my penis. But I can’t get it off of my mind. I’m horny as hell and it keeps getting worse.
I live alone and this social distancing has left me without any chance of physical tease. So not only am I on a chastity lockdown, I’m without any play at all.
And I love to play. Even when it hurts.
(I guess that means my pain tolerance is growing, which I know will thrill most of my Goddesses.)
So tell us Tiny, what have you been doing. Obviously you haven’t been posting much on the blog lately.
Thanks for asking. I have been busy editing videos. There is a backlog of clips that I need to finish and upload. I am still trying to deliver new clips every day on Clips4Sale, although that may end soon. I have a lot of clips there, so everyday may be too often.
I’m also working on Boudoir Photography.
This was another idea posed by some of my Goddesses. It offers me the chance to take sexy pictures of lovely ladies. Lingerie, implied nude (which is nude but obscure from the camera lens), artistic nudes and erotic images.
So there I am, locked in chastity while beautiful women display themselves for my camera.
I love the artistry of photography. I started taking courses with the goal to constantly improve. And I am getting good responses, which makes me proud of these efforts.
So while I am in this COVID-19 chastity lockdown, I have also been studying, practicing editing and working on the art.
There is still much to do, but taking steps now is the only way to get there. Just like a chastity record. You can’t go a year if you can’t go a day. (Or week, or ….. you get the idea.)
I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the fans who have been purchasing our clips on Clips4Sale, IWantClips and ManyVids.
Your purchases are always appreciated. They help fund the new content that I share here and on social media. The income benefits the many ladies that I am seen with. Your purchases are tributes to their beauty. (I wear a mask for a reason. I am not beautiful. I am lucky as hell.)
If you aren’t following us on Instagram, check it out. We can’t post any nudity there, but you’ll see some beautiful faces. My sexy keyholders and some of the new models I’ve shot with are featured there.
Plus I am still posting on TwitterBDSMLr, Sharesome and NewTumbl. Although it is getting harder to keep track of what posts where since none allows me to schedule as Tumblr did. But I abandoned that system when they started censoring every post I created. 
Maybe I should start a new Boudoir blog there.
Stay safe and sane during this isolation period.