There comes that moment that every chastity sub, cuck and slave wants, yet had mixed emotions about.

Anastasia Rose was to relieve my pent up frustrations. After shooting with Goddess Valora, and getting teased by Anastasia, I was horny as hell.

chastity subAs much as I wanted to cum, a part of me screamed no, because I had more shoots to do during this Florida trip.

Once I cum, it is hard to slip back into chastity sub space. Plus I’ve spent all that time building up in chastity, that an orgasm means starting back at square one.

If you are in chastity, you understand what I mean. Starting out is sometimes tougher than long term once you get so far.

But it isn’t my place to question, or even request, although I have and am sometimes punished. So I knew this would likely happen.

Plus it was a test to see how obedient I could be for my next string of Goddesses.

When Anastasia removed my chastity, I was so excited. Rock hard and purple from all the teasing.

But then I started questioning this session.

Was this to be another frustrating tease that would end up with me locked back in my chastity cage? Could it be that Anastasia had plans to ruin my orgasm so I would remain horny for the rest of my shoots?

Or was I actually going to be granted an orgasm by her hand.

I love hand jobs. Always have. Sometimes I think I like hand jobs more than any other form of relief.

chastity sub orgasm releaseA warm hand gently wrapped around my penis, slowly manipulating and stroking. Damn, I’m struggling in my cage just thinking about this.

Anyway, the final clip I shot with Anastasia that day we titled: Release Day.

It ended up being a full orgasm, although not as pleasurable as I had hoped. Anastasia wasn’t exactly in the mood to get all sticky from my scum.

She told me after that I should plan on a long lock down.

I look back at the stills from this clip as I type this and remember how hard I was for Anastasia. Since then, I’ve spent so much time in chastity, it is rare for my cock to become that rigid and stiff.

Back then, getting into a pussy wouldn’t have been a problem if my keyholders had allowed. Now, even with Viagra, I am not as solid as I was back then. 

Chastity can break you.