Consensual chastity? Does a sexual submissive have any rights?

Of course we do. And while it may not be the “fantasy” many jerk off to, we live in a real world.

Sure, I love the stories and memes and captions where the guys get locked without consent. They get cucked and turned into a slave with no say in the treatment.

In the real world these relationships take time and effort. It doesn’t just happen. And getting locked up right away for long periods leads to frustration, just not the type you hoped for.

So I’ve been thinking about my service as a chastity submissive lately.

It started with Goddess Sarah torturing my balls.

I’m not faulting her.

We hadn’t shot in a long time. The shoot schedule was tight and I may not have communicated as well as I should have. Plus I didn’t use my safe word during the shoot because I hate having to edit around that.

So it was my fault the testicle episode happened. And I am living with that now. Still. Weeks later.

Then I was editing some footage with another Goddess today. Something stood out I hadn’t remembered during the shoot.

At one point during the scene she held the vibrators against my cock flesh poking out through the bars of my cage. That always hurts me because it pinches the engorged flesh against the metal and “beats it” there.

I jumped up in pain. Goddess thought I had cum, but I explained I hadn’t and the jump was a result of pain. I told her exactly why it hurt.

I’m not into pain. It doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

I don’t mind the strain against the cage. And the clothespins are dreaded, but for some reason I get rock hard when they are applied.

So I was surprised when moments later, she did the same damn thing while laughing about it.

That clip made me realize that another reason I was so damn sore following Fetcon was the fact I had 15 shoots in 5 days. Add to that the fact every shoot involved CBT.

Some of my favorite Goddesses (yes, we all have favorites) even took me further this time than ever before.

I don’t like the direction this is taking. It is time to have a talk. They are all caring women, well most of them anyway. Hopefully we can find common ground.

You may think you’d rather live in the fantasy – but consensual chastity is like any consensual domination – the safe way to play.